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Your MLM Cannot Legally Force You to Stay - this includes Plexus - Slender Suzie

So here is the thing and I felt I needed to post this in light of the recent action of a certain MLM and some of it’s reps toward myself and others:

The fundamental issue boils down to whether the company is keeping its distributors and customers happy. MLM is a fiercely competitive industry, and there is no shortage of good companies selling high quality products and offering generous compensation plans. If a company is not competitive in these areas, its distributors and customers will go elsewhere.

If a company suffers from a high turnover in its consultants it really needs to inwardly to determine if the problem is of its own making. The company must honestly answer some basic, soul-searching questions:

1) Are my products or services of inferior quality & not effective?
2) Are my prices too high?
3) Is order entry and shipping prompt?
4) Is the customer service and other departments in our home office courteous and helpful?
5) Do we have people in the ranks that use scare tactics and dirty tricks and manipulation?
6) Have legal problems caused the company’s reputation to deteriorate?
7) Do we withhold information that is necessary for our distributors to do business properly?

Corporate management must also analyze their attitude toward distributors.

Companies develop the cavalier attitude of “We are the company, so we can do as we damn well please” Any company that has this attitude is simply leaving the barn door wide open for a stampede of exiting distributors. Corporate management must remember that with all of the new MLMs that have arisen, distributors have many options. The successful companies understand that they need the distributors more than the distributors need them. Accordingly, they make customer and distributor satisfaction their foremost priority.

Distributors must perform a similar self-evaluation. Most need to remember that a downline is made up of real people, all of whom have individual emotions, goals, aspirations and dreams. They are not a piece of industrial machinery that can be used, moved around, and replaced when worn out. Playing manipulative games with a downline will eviscerate the dreams of many people and cause emotional reactions ranging from exasperation to raw hostility. Ultimately, if a distributor is driven by self-interest and acts without regard to the carnage that will follow in his wake, he must recognize that he is wearing a sign that says “I’m self-centered and arrogant”.

What is the bottom line in an MLM when it comes to turnover? I have heard some HORROR stories the last few days about people being told if they left their current company to pursue other dreams they will be sued, people bashing new companies in a last ditch effort to save their dwindling paychecks. I mean HORROR stories in my inbox….. to those using such means of trying to control people GET A GRIP you work in MLM, people come and go, new products and companies happen. Its the way of the MLM world (and quite frankly if you had a quality products that retained people and not such a nasty attitude you may not be having this issue in the first place – and please don’t get me started on the “good Christians” who are now bad mouthing and bashing – that’s a whole different soap box)

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