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Well my husband had a great brainstorm to take me and our son up to some of his hunting properties in today to check trail camera and do some nature walking. For quite some time now physical activity has been my enemy. I get winded easily, tired, can’t keep up and then I end up cranky (and let me tell you how that goes for my husband – well I probably don’t need to elaborate).

But I absolutely love “family time” so I decided what the heck let’s go!

So we picked up our son at his basketball camp and headed out. We stopped for lunch at our favorite local restaurant (my friend Emy works there plus the food is just phenomenal). And she says to me “you look like you have lost weight” DING DING DING people are noticing!!!!!!

After that we were off….

We had the best day. I realized I was keeping up with them and was not getting winded at all. A few short weeks ago you could not have paid me to go running through the woods trying to keep up with these two! Now I am feeling a whole new sense of empowerment – I am spending time with my family and enjoying every moment.

Appalachian Trail Nature Walk with Family June 11

This journey is about SO much more than just losing weight – it about my family time, it’s about changing our financial future, it is about helping others realize what these products truly do safely and naturally.

Appalachian Trail Nature Walk with Family June 11 Skyline

I am just getting started but I already wish I could broadcast this to the entire world and MAKE them listen! MAKE then learn how to get their lives back and enjoy their families more… somehow I will change the world – 1 person at a time! I want everyone to know how amazing it feels to be able to finally get back to enjoying life and enjoying their families instead of sitting on the sidelines because they are tired or overweight or just not feeling well.

I have not just found myself again – I think I may have found a purpose for myself – something I can really grab onto and run with!