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There is NO easy way to share this, so here goes….  I QUIT PLEXUS…but hear me out on this one.

I severed my ambassadorship with Plexus….

For several months I have been experiencing the products not working for weight loss (which is my main goal). I was watching as my weigh was creeping back up and I was no longer feeling the energy or other benefits from the products.

Then came the emails from several customers from various states, none of whom knew each other. They were experiencing a variety of issues all of which required a visit to a doctor and one ended up in the emergency room as a result of sever vertigo.  She emailed me when she was informed her episode was a direct result of the Plexus products she was taking.

My direct sponsor was terminated for being unethical in her business (trying to cross recruit to another company while still earning her Plexus income). Then I reached out for help to my other uplines, Alyssa and Angel, who were Diamonds in the company and I figured they could help me since I was in their direct downline only to be told I “had to be doing something wrong” or that I was “a negative person” no matter what questions I asked them.  I needed and begged for help. I was removed from Facebook groups for reaching out for help there. I needed and begged for help only to be torn down, shut out and left on my own to deal with what was happening.

It was then that I decided to directly email the three heads of Plexus in a group email – Tarl, Alec and Alfred.  I shared with them my own issues and the issues my customers faced along with the trip to the emergency room.  I asked them for help on how to handle this situation and what could possibly cause the doctors to be saying Plexus was harmful. The response I got was from Alfred was extremely rude and he very quickly told me I had absolutely no right to ask questions and who did I think I was to say such things. I was immensely hurt by the fact the company I represented and put my name to would brush me aside in such a rude fashion when I was reaching out begging them for help. Tarl and Alec never responded at all!

It was at that moment that I realized I could no longer call myself a Plexus Ambassador.

I walked away from a $3,000 to $4,000+ a month income, almost a Senior Ruby, without hesitation because I could not in good conscious continue to recommend these products to anyone.

Side Note:  As, it turned out Angel and Alyssa, who were Diamonds before being terminated and moving to TruVision, had been “double dipping” for months and actually helped to found TruVision along with Dave Brown and the other founders. Those same nasty uplines I mentioned above and the same product formulator all went to TruVision so they are just as bad, if not worse, than Plexus. (Update: some of the TruVision founders have now started a company called Lurra Life… so take that as you will).

Fast forward a little….

I had been dabbling in high fat low carb eating and I also discovered the most AMAZING new company that is focused on the ketogenic lifestyle. I’m feeling like my soul is once again on fire!  After extensive research and use of the products myself I can safely recommend the products to all of my family, friends and followers (you can click here to learn more about my amazing new company). I am once again so excited about what I am doing and the progress I am making that people can hear it even through my Facebook posts, and when I talk to them on the phone or in person they all tell me that my excitement is so contagious they have to be part of that.

And now…  the new chapter in my journey begins!