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It’s more critical than ever to have an online presence – a brand — that validates you and your services. But branding is about more than having a color-coordinated website and posting on Facebook. Sure, you have to do those things, but they are not enough today.

Here’s a key distinction: Presenting your brand isn’t a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process through which you continually demonstrate the unique value you deliver to your prospects and customers.

What is Your X Factor

To optimize the success of your business, you must set yourself apart from others who do what you do, and reinforce every day that you are different, and by ‘different’ I mean BETTER.

Be a partner to your customers and team.

Your team members and customers want something, they are on a journey from point A to point B, and if their desires match up with the support you offer, they will engage you as a guide on that journey.

Here’s how you can help your odds of winning their business: Understand the ‘why’ behind their desire to get from here to there. Does a customer want to lose weight before her wedding? That’s a powerful motivation. Does someone else have a health issue? That will factor into the plan you develop for this customer. Does your team member just sell to make some fun money? Did they join you to replace a full time income? Find out THEIR goals.

You can’t know these important things about your team and customers unless you have a dialogue with them. This means asking questions, and then actually listening – even for the things they don’t say. It means not assuming you have the correct solution for every person’s particular challenge or goal – maybe they’re actually not a good fit. But refer them to someone who is, and chances are they’ll remember and it will come back to you.

Be So Dofferent That People Can See You Clealry Among the Crowd

Before you can get that customer or team member to join you, you have to be curious. Invest some of your emotional capacity and show them that you care, that you are someone who will help them on their journey. At the very least, try to follow the advice of George Burns: “Sincerity — if you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

Better than faking it is knowing you have something that truly does set you apart and can help them accelerate their progress toward their goals. This is your “X factor”, the intangible thing you bring that your competitors can’t match. It could be:

  • your energy
  • your knowledge
  • your tools
  • the way you craft a personalized strategy for every customer
  • the way you train and grow your team

Maybe it’s all of those in combination. It’s about your intention, and what you bring to your relationship with your customer or team; how you relate to them and they relate to you. This is the essence of your brand.

Convince prospects that you have something special that can help them avoid the typical mistakes people make when they are trying to achieve or maintain a high level of fitness or join a network marking team and you will always have more customer and team than you need.