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Will Crunches Give Me a Flat Belly - Slender Suzie

So a lot of people wonder if doing crunches or sit-ups is better for trying to get a flat tummy.

Well, here is the thing, this can actually go both ways. If you have a belly “pooch” and are eating bad and doing crunches you will make your stomach actually look larger because the muscles will push it out. HOWEVER, if you are trying to loose your tummy and make it flatter, you can do sit-ups, but focus on things like planking that strengthen the muscles rather than bulk them.

The biggest focus for a flat belly need to be int he kitchen and not in your workouts. No matter how you train if you are eating poorly your belly will show it and you can’t fib your way out of bad nutrition. There is no quick fix when it comes to that belly – exercise and eating clean would be what you need to do!

Make sense?