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What is a Drip Campaign and Why You Need OneSo you may have heard the expression when it comes to email marketing of using a “drip campaign” (also called autoresponders) to stay connected to your potential customers or potential team members.

A drip campaign is simply this:  it is a series of email set up to go out at set intervals to each person on your list.  The campaign is kicked off on the date that person become a list subscriber then each email after that goes out to them on the dates you set.

You invest a lot of time to get leads for your products and opportunity, so making sue to stay connecting to those leads is a critical step. Drip campaigns allow you to do that without the risk of “forgetting” to touch base with people or having so many follow ups to do that you end up doing none because your head is swimming being pulled in a hundred directions.

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Why it is so important to keep dripping on your list?

Well that answer is simple. It usually takes between 7 and 14 emails to connect with someone to the point they take action. This is a proven fact. Smart network marketers know this and that is why you see so many using email marketing platforms such as AWeber – because then they can set up that campaign one time and know they are keeping in contact with all of their leads in a consistent manner.

We all know that the “fortune is in the follow up” and getting a smart follow up system in place is crucial for your business growth. Setting up a drip campaign can be one of the most crucial steps in seeing business growth.