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Ultimate Weight Loss Plateau | www.SlenderSuzie.comI cannot begin to tell you how many times I have gotten emails from people or posts on my Facebook page that someone is upset that have not lost weight in a day or two when they had been losing consistently up until then.

Well first lets talk about how you gained weight to begin with. Think back to your weight gain. Did you gain a pound every day, day after day?  Probably not. What did most likely happen is you gained a few pounds then stayed there for a bit then gained a few pounds then stayed there for a bit.  You know, plateaus as you went UP in your weight. Most people gain in this “plateau manner”.

So weight loss is no different.  You will go through phases there you body takes a break and you hit that “plateau” phase. It may last a few days or a few weeks, or heck even a few months. But you did not gain the weight instantly so what on earth drives us all to feel like we can lose with daily consistency and never have a pit stop along the way?

Truth is EVERYONE will experience a plateau or a setback along the way. Anyone who says they did not experience this is most likely not telling you the whole truth. Having a stretch where your weight loss slows to nothing is a natural phenomenon and everyone will experience it. So just like you gained weight in phases or plateaus so shall you lose that same weight. Everyone’s body can fluctuate up to four POUNDS a day.  This is very normal.  You most likely had that same fluctuation before you gained all of your weight but the difference at that time you were not obsessed with jumping on the scale!

Now that you have that in mind I want you to think ahead to your goal weight. Now take a good long hard look at that. That maintenance of your ideal weight is really nothing more than a lifelong plateau. 

Next time you are stuck think of this as a rehearsal for the plateau you are trying to reach – the idea weight you want to be which, as I mentioned earlier is nothing more than one huge long standing plateau!  You know what they say “practice makes perfect” so all you are doing is making sure you are ready to get it right!

So change the way you think of your plateaus and I would venture to guess you are going to get through them faster and with much less frustration.