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A lot of people are very confused at how to use Twitter and think that no one ever sees what you tweet. Here is one simple way to be sure that you are being seen more on Twitter – and its very simply yet so many people do it wrong!

Twitter Tip - Simple Yet Common Mistake for Engagement Slender Suzie

When you tweet to a anyone – and this will include tweet to a celebrity or other important person, realize that sending a message with “@ChanningTatum I love you” isn’t even being seen by your own followers!  It’s only being seen by the followers you have in common with Channing Tatum. So if he has 5.93M followers (at last count) and I have 603 but we only have 2 in common only TWO saw that tweet!

Here is the tip: Put a something – anything – in front of the @ sign of the person your tweeting to and now both your followers and their followers are al going to see that tweet!

WRONG: @ChanningTatum I love you

RIGHT: Hey @ChanningTatum  I love you

Simple – oh yes – but VERY effective! Go try it out – give me a follow and send me a tweet @SlenderSuzie