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So the last few days have been pretty rough emotionally, to say the least. I was feeling beat up, drained and down right hurt.

I have always felt like my team member who have joined me on this journey are like my family. They may be all across the United States (and beyond) but we bond daily in our discussions and chatter.

So, out of the blue today I received a private message on Facebook from one of my team. She and I have never met in person but she sent me a message simply asking me if I was OK! She went on to say she could tell from a post I had made that I was not myself and, even though she and her family have been sick for a few days, she took time from her day and her own ailments just to check on me. As we chatted some about the events of the prior day, she then made a very profound statement.  She said…

“don’t be discouraged by the negative stuff. I know from your posts you are a Christian….great way to know you are on the right track is when you are under attack. If not in the right direction Satan has no reason to bother you…keep on keeping on.”

THIS right here… this is what is means to have a “family team”. Not many companies have these relationship cultivated in them and most I have seen are very cut-throat… yet here I sat staring at these words from her on my screen… an amazing woman who I have not yet met in person. Among all of the many many reasons I love my career – this is yet another thing I can add to the ever growing list of my answer to “why do you love what you do so much?”

She uplifted me more than she realizes in that one simple gesture…