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Well, today is the day….  I am headed to get a makeover! EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!

I have not had a haircut in, well, a LONG time.  I am trying to remember when the last time was that I actually had my hair done and honestly I have no idea when that was. I kept saying I wanted to go and then kept saying ‘well maybe I will wait until I lose another 5 lbs‘ – always putting off going in to get this done.

Slender Suzie Before Makeover Photo

Well, my family decided it was time – whether I was ready or not – to push me to go finally take the leap.

My daughter started texting me about the makeup I liked to use and I thought nothing of the texts because the night before she had texted me photos of her new items she got in her Ulta bag. A few minutes later my husband and son walk in with birthday cards and my husband stands in front of my computer.  I hear “ding” as emails are coming in. I opened my cards then he says “now you can check your email”.

Slender Suzie After Makeover Ulta Gift Cards

There they were – two gift cards for Ulta for my birthday from him and the kids! After which my husband came over and said to book my appointment right then. May family gave me no choice but to suck it up and get my makeover!!! So I went online and set it up for the next morning at 10am at Ulta in Muncy, Pennsylvania. I got in my car and headed to the salon!

Slender Suzie Headed to Makeover Photo

I browsed Pinterest for hours and hours before heading out trying to figure out what to have them do to my hair but nothing that came up seems right. I also thought even if I did find a style I like that did not mean it would look good on ME.  I got to the salon a bit early so I had time to nervously wait in my car and listen to some music and chat on Facebook. Then the time came 10:00 am – the doors were open!!!

Makeover Day at Ulta Salon and Benefit Cosmetics

My first person I would work with would be Amanda. She would be handling my hair cut and style. I explained to her what I was there for and we chatted about what lead me to my makeover day.  Well she got to work! She shampooed and conditioned me and we went back to the chair in front of the mirror. I nervously fidgeted with my cell phone under my cape. She cut and trimmed and blow dried and curled and sprayed away. We continued to chat the whole time.

Then it was done! Oh… my… gosh… I loved it! It was SO different from the long flat boring hair I had been used to seeing in the mirror. She took this girl who had no idea what to do sitting in front of her and just worked MAGIC on me.

Slender Suzie Makeover Day Hair Cut and Style In Progress

Now it was on to step 2 – makeup!

Again this is one thing that as a work at home entrepreneur I spend more time in pajamas and flip flops than getting ready and getting my makeup done each day.  Makeup is usually just a little eye liner, mascara and lip glisten and not much more (and that only happens if we are headed out somewhere).

Enter Melinda…  my cosmetics/makeup guru for the day. She went to work on my face..  explaining each product, what it does why that was a good option for me and showing me my progress in the mirror.  I was amazed as I sat and watched her transforming me. I also go the try out the new Roller Lashes that were just released by Benefit Cosmetics that day – talk about good timing HEHE.

Slender Suzie Makeover Day Benefit Cosmetics In Progress

The the final stop – the Benefit Brow Bar with Stacie. Similar to my hair I have not done much eyebrow work in quite some time. So Stacie showed me how she would shape them before waxing me up and ripping my hair off my face HAHA – but she also showed me some Benefit products for my eyebrows that I am totally now in love with.

Now I have no photos of the Brow Bar waxing because quite honestly it really does not take all that long and taking a selfie while being waxed – well not all that easy!

Makeover Team from Ulta and Benefit Cosmetics for the Slender Suzie Makeover Day

Before leaving I also had a chance to talk to the store manager and she was also just an absolute sweetheart. I will be headed back in two weeks to add some highlights to my hair.

So here it is – the official after photo.  These girls did a simply amazing job taking care of me, chatting with me about my story and helping me in my transformation.

Slender Suzie After Makeover Photo


I want to encourage all of you who are taking your own journey to loving yourself in that mirror again.  Take a day, set it aside and just go get pampered!  When you have a day like this where you can look great and feel great it can really be an additional catalyst to continued progress in your journey. And, YOU DESERVE IT!

As for me, the girls at Ulta in Muncy will be seeing me a LOT more often (plus now I am an ULTAmate rewards member so those free points me more makeup and makeovers for me – which of course I got to double up since it is my birthday month AND I cam hone with some free gifts too!!!)