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So today was, well let’s say ‘interesting’. I had some conversations going on with someone and was then speaking to someone I had seen as a mentor to get some direction and perspective. As a matter of fact she was the one who originally introduced me to my company. We were chatting about how I have been working to put things in place to really help my team hit their momentum and really shine in 2014. Then BAM…  the hammer dropped. She said to me that she felt that because I travel with my husband and son a lot that I “lose focus” on my business.

This coming from someone who is working multiple companies – and when I say multiple I mean MULTIPLE. Hmmmm REALLY!?!? Did you really just type those words to me? Not only did you basically just tell me my family gets in the way but this coming from someone who travels a LOT themselves and is always unavailable to the team when they travel, let alone the dwindling focus on our company due to dipping into another business venture (or 6).

I pointed out her travel schedule and then I immediately closed the chat box and walked away from my computer. No goodbye, no saying what I really wanted to say (which would not have been nice in any way at that exact moment)… just gone.

Family First

One thing that has been the main focus for me with making my career, besides better our finances, is time with my family. My business has allowed me the opportunity to live life, to travel, to set my schedule around my husband and children. To be told that, in essence, my family causes me to ‘lose focus’ was one of the most outrageous things I had ever heard.

One thing I do, since I have in fact cultivated a large and ever increasing team, is to always be available to them day or night via text or email or Facebook (which is on my cell phone). Trust me my husband will tell you – I am always available to chat about “work”! LOL.

No matter where I am if they need me I can be reached. And, on those occasion if we are say attending a funeral or wedding or anywhere a cell phone would be completely inappropriate my team is fully informed of when I will be back.

Your “WHY” is yours and yours alone and your why can NEVER be wrong because it is YOURS!

Never allow anyone to tell you that your family is a distraction.  The one main reason (besides money) that people go into network marketing and truly make a career out of it is for that time with family that others may miss working a 9 to 5. Now I can spend my days with my husband and son, anywhere we travel to as well as go spend more time with my daughter who is in college. The beauty of this type of career is YOU SET YOUR SCHEDULE… to me there is no better reason for a career such as mine than the ability to put my family.