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Magic Pills and Personal Responsibility by Slender Suzie

So I got an email earlier today from someone who gets some of my regular emails saying it was “too strongly worded” and she was unsubscribing.

First I did THANK her for her feedback. I always like feedback, good or bad, so I can continue to evaluate what I do for all of you and how I do it.

BUT… I did also let her know that the particular email she disliked was one that explained that most people fail at weight loss because they refuse to put in any personal effort or assume any personal responsibility.

If you have followed me at all you know that I will bend over backward to help my customers but I also do put some things flat on the table. Sort of “tough love” approach if you will.

I do not sell “magic pills” or “special drinks”. What I have are products that will be a very valuable TOOL in your weight loss journey. Just buying a product will NOT make you successful. That is something that comes from within. You MUST have some level of personal responsibility for your outcome.

I get at least 1 email a week that says “it did not work” only to find out that the person continued to drink a case of soda a day or eat McDonalds every day for breakfast or lunch… then say the product failed. They do not want to have to actually put in any effort and NO product out there is a “magic pill or potion” (and if anyone tells you differently about their products RUN the other direction).

I am here to help people learn how to make a REAL change in their health and weight – not a yoyo diet or a quick drop 10 lbs only to gain it back in a month. I have done this long enough to know that sometimes a “tough love” talk needs to happen. And honestly anyone who reads my blog or follows me on social media knows that I tell it like it is.

Like me or leave me – you won’t be lied to here. I will straight talk with you only. For some I guess the truth really can hurt but in this case hearing the truth and using what I tell you to make long lasting changes, on step at a time, may just save your life in the end and help you win the battle against obesity.

Now this gal who took the time to email me – is she one of the ones looking for a quick fix?  Who knows.  But it did strike enough of a chord in her that she felt the need to email me about it.  Hmmm……