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So the holidays have passed and if you are like me you were bombarded (and ended up partaking in) dozens of cookies, multitudes of pies and other decadent delicious desserts and more amazing meals than you care to disclose. Then today come and you step on your scale….. and the number pops on your screen…  do NOT freak out…  I repeat DO NOT freak out. This is only a number!

Don't Freak Out About Holiday Weight Gain - Slender SuzieOh my poor friends and family on Facebook, I see them posting these frantic posts about how much they gained the last few weeks with all of the merriment. I am very thankful that my journey has allowed me to actually LOSE 3 pounds since the start of December and I am telling you with what I ate there is NO WAY I should have lost weight – NO…WAY! But I know that feeling they are having at this moment.  I have been there, many times.

Because I have been there, for those of you not having me help to coach you I have a few things I would like to let you know.

First of all stop what you are doing and take a super deep breath. This will be okay, I promise! You need to not upset yourself but take a step back and get a game plan together. NOT a New Year’s Resolution because quite frankly most people fall off that wagon by January 10th and by January 31st most of the overcrowded gyms become a ghost town but a real honest to goodness game plan as to what you now need to get in place. If you get upset and emotional you are setting yourself up for continued sabotaging of your progress.  It was the holidays – it was time for family friends and FOOD.  It is okay – you enjoyed it and now we just simply get back on track and move on (and I am sorry to the ones out there that will tell you to not ‘fall off the wagon’ during the holidays but to me your family time spent with them trumps all – so if that means eating cookies with your kids then EAT THE COOKIES!!!). So putting that in the right context in your brain and getting your emotions in check is the most important thing you can do right now.

So – step one is figure out how much you did gain during the holidays. Then say to yourself “okay it is time to get back on track” but what I do not want anyone to do right now is jump to the multitude of quick fixes you will come across on Google or Pinterest or Facebook. Quick fixes are not the solution because they may give you some results up front but then you are setting yourself up for no long term success – and that is really what you are after isn’t it?  LASTING results.

Here’s what works number one by far getting your body under control from the inside which includes that self talk in your mind. When you get all of these things working synergistically together for you then you have got a true recipe for success.  But again the place to start is in your own self-talk. Self-talk is by far the most powerful tool on the planet for situations just like this.

If you are not sure what your next step should be then email me, if you want to learn about my product line more email me, but whatever you do stay in control and DO NOT FREAK OUT. You’ve got this!!!  I BELIEVE IN YOU!