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Is weight weighing heavily on your mind? If you or someone in your family needs to lose weight, you have lots of company: Nearly two-thirds of American adults and a third of American children need to lighten up.

My husband started going to the gym with me today and that of course promoted our son to also now want to workout too! He already eats pretty healthy because we select foods at the grocery store together and he now prefers fruits over cookies and things.

Now that my husband is in the gym I have a better advantage when it comes to getting him to eat better at home – which will also make a great impact on our son with a positive influence in his future health and weight as he grows – there is nothing better than teaching your child by living what you preach!

Since the family is one of the most powerful influences on a child’s weight and health, i have been trying to cook as healthy as possible at home. Maps out a game plan of simple steps that you as a parent can take for improving your own healthy habits while allowing your kids to become more active and “grow into” a healthier weight. Parents are the role model and coach of the family team – EXACTLY what my husband and I are doing now – TOGETHER (I knew I would rub off on him eventually).

My son also decided he wants to workout too (unfortunately our gym will not allow kids to workout with mom and dad until they are 11 years old) so we dug out my PiYo Workout DVDs and he and I will do one each day after school together – he actually like doing yoga from when he was at Connections Academy and LOVES it (truth be told I think he is actually better at yoga than I am!!!)

The family that plays together enjoys good health and has fun together. In becoming more active and enjoying a wide variety of delicious meals, any family can be “winners” and gain healthy habits for a lifetime. Just provides realistic steps for your family to take toward better health.

My family is taking all the steps we need to do this as a team – how about yours?