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Scrolling through social media is a sad things these days. There are so many anti-Christian posts, messages, comments and such. As a follower of God and of the Bible this truly makes me sad to watch as society is not only turning away from God but that society is also trying to persecute anyone who is a Christian.

Christmas time is no exception to this attack on Christians. Over the last few days I have had to not only delete quite a bit of very nasty anti-Christian commentary from my Facebook page but even had to ban a few people who continued their hate filled rants or continued to cause unnecessary controversy even after I asked that they respect the fact my page is one that shares my faith along with my journey.

Last night I watched as everyone fought over the McDonald’s in Spring Hill, Tennessee, that displayed a portrait of the manger scene int heir windows (they have painted their windows differently each years for 40 years so this is not new but someone driving through their small town was shocked by it and posted it on social media). The sad part was seeing the anti-Christian commentary blowing up the newsfeeds of everyone who thought it was a wonderful thing.

The CHRISTmas controvery - Slender Suzie

I know that in this day and age being a Christian and following the teaching of the Bible is not a “popular thing” to do. But I am not ashamed of my faith nor will I be silenced in sharing my beliefs. My faith in God is a huge part of my journey since the loss of my son, Austin, in 2005, and in many ways in the path my family has been lead to since then and continues to be on.

I have seen God’s works first hand in my family’s life and I will continue to celebrate Jesus birth at Christmas.  I will continue to share my faith with others, both in person and online, and I will continue to use my story to help others know that even in their most desperate times they will be okay. God has a plan for them.

It is sad to me how many times I have heard others say to me “you need to be more tolerant” yet they refuse to tolerate my faith and demand that I change. Just because I do not share your worldly values does not make me (or you) a bad person – that is for God to judge. I refuse to hide my faith to appease anyone.  I am sure other Christians have experienced this as well.

I have also been told “I thought the Bible said love your neighbor” when someone wants me to support their cause. Yes, it does say that. To be clear however, saying what you are doing is not right with God and is not in alignment with the teaching of the Bible and I don’t believe in it or support it does not mean I do not love and pray for those people as God wants me to do, it means I do not find that what some others are doing aligns with my Christian faith and therefore will not say to you it’s okay to do what you are doing nor will I support you in it.  That’s not hate, that’s following my Lord with an unwaivering faith.  To those people I say – you may wish to look at how you treat Christians before you throw stones at them, you may see that you are acting in the exact way – you say you want to put an end to intolerance yet you refuse to allow Christians to stand firm in their faith (I am quite sure that is intolerance – the very thing you say is an issue).

I am a Christian and I am not ashamed of that fact.

Some may say “you should not talk about God you will lose sales”.  But that is not who I am and in the end I want to work with people who are on the same mission as me. I am about building a community of like-minded individuals who love God, want to live a better life spiritually, emotionally and physically, and are taking steps to make those changes or looking for a way to get started by taking the first step.

I am a Christian who is NEVER afraid to share my faith here on my blog, on other social media outlets or elsewhere in public. I am not a perfect Christian because there is no such thing – I make mistakes like everyone else – sometimes BIG ones too! But, I do my best to better myself, I read my Bible every day, and I follow God’s word to the very best of my ability and I repent  and seek forgiveness from Him when I have fallen off track.

I love God and will continue to grow in my faith and as a Christian and will continue to share my faith here on this site – even if there may be some who stop in from time to time who do not like that type of thing, I simply ask them to move along and I pray for them to come to God.

So, if you love God, love yourself (or want to love yourself) and are making positive changes in your life or are looking to begin that journey YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Welcome. I look forward to getting to know you and for you to get to know me too.