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Tips to Survive the Chinese Buffet - Slender Suzie Health and Weight Loss Coach - Plexus Independent Ambassador

It’s always been a ritual of ours to go out for Chinese every week or two (my hubby is not a huge fan but he knows my son and I are so, well he has no choice HAHA!) but it can be difficult to stay on track with all that food laid out before you!! Here’s what I do:

1. Start off with a glass of water (do NOT order soda or sweet tea).

2. Almost all buffets have soup selections. Go for a broth based such as Egg Drop or Won-Ton before getting a full plate. (I prefer Won-Ton) Broth based soups usually have less than 100 calories.

**By the time you drink 8-16 oz of water and eat the soup, you won’t be as hungry and you’re less likely to indulge.

3. After eating the soup go back up to the buffet and get a plate. Try to fill 1/3 of it with either beef and broccoli or chicken and broccoli. The other half can be what you wish, but be mindful. I know one of my biggest downfalls is crab rangoon. Man do I love those! But I only have one because they are higher up there in carbs. Other than that I try to go for protein. You’ll leave full but not over-full, and your diet won’t go down the drain.

I hope this helps!