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PicMonkey with Slender SuzieThe fact remains that visual marketing is a top feature for your business. Eye catching graphics can draw in new followers which in turn can drive new business to you.

One of the toughest parts of running a successful Facebook Page, Instagram Account or having Pinterest Boards to promote your business is creating high-quality graphics.

I’m not a designer myself.

I have tried for YEARS to use Photoshop on my computer — but I can never figure out how to use it and so I had always been bugging my daughter who is a Photoshop guru to make photos for me.

That’s why I’m excited today to tell you about PicMonkey!

This online site will improve your ability to create great graphics & make your social media pages and blog posts  look a lot more professional.

I use PicMonkey every single day – multiples times each day. I use this for everything from making logos to editing photos for each blog post you see here on Slender Suzie to developing eyes catching media for my social sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Stay tuned to the blog for tutorials on using PicMonkey as well as to learn ways to get high quality images FREE to use in your marketing campaign (remember you never want to just Google and image and use it as your own – thats where you get into copyright violations and no one want or need that kind of stress!)