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We all want that big gorgeous kitchen in our home don’t we?

But if you have a smaller kitchen never fear! Some of the greatest foods have come out of the tiniest, well thought out kitchens.

The ideal workspace is born from organization, efficiency and some choice pieces of equipment: a chef’s knife, various tools and utensils, and measuring devices, as well as quality pots and pans and a great knife set. The key is to focus on function.¬†Everything in a small kitchen must earn its keep!

You do not need to spend a fortune – don’t buy every gizmo and gadget out there just to mince dice and slice (although I will admit I do have a little stash of them myself because let’s face it, some of them just speak to me and say “buy me Sue, buy me”). But on all honesty, most of what you can do with those just requires a great cutting board and the right knife which will save you a ton of space if you have a smaller kitchen and limited storage.

How big is your kitchen? Do you have any small kitchen tips to share?