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How many of you feel like technology has taken over but it is SO hard to just put it down? Now before you view the challenge video BE AWARE this is not a challenge that is easy – and even though I speak to my business life in this video this challenge goes out to EVERYONE who is tied to their electronic devices and always is so busy glancing at them every time they vibrate or make a peep!!!

This challenge is NOT for the faint of heart – now my question to you is do YOU accept this challenge?  Or has technology taken too big of a hold on your world to let go? Stop ignoring your family and your life because you may miss a Facebook status being posted – START LIVING AGAIN!

So, now that you saw me in my own words talk about how my last few days have been. Let me again tell you that LIFE BALANCE is in full swing for this gal now. You can’t truly LIVE your live life tied to a machine!!! This is about LIFESTYLE and I plan to live my life in the style that I see best – FAMILY FIRST. I need to stop being more worried about my messages and be more focused on my husband and my children.

In the past I always made myself available pretty much 24/7 no matter what I would drop everything to answer people right away – but I have classes that I am very serious about and the reason I work at home is to be a wife/mom – I realized yesterday as my phone kept buzzing until almost midnight that I am defeating my own purpose for being a Network Marketer – MY FAMILY. So if you need me and I don’t respond immediately – its because I am not at my desk. I will get back to messages and email when I am “at work” and not when I am studying for my own classes, doing school with our son or or having time with my family anymore.