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How to Schedule Your Posts on Facebook Slender SuzieOne of the best tools Facebook offers to Fan Pages is the ability to schedule your posts.  I have, however, run across countless others who run Fan Pages that have no idea that this function even exists!

So here is a very quick tutorial how to use this to make your Fan Page pop by ensuring that even if you are away from your computer your Fan Page stays running strong!

  1. Go to your Fanpage
  2. Write up or type your post, add photos, etc – whatever your would normally do when putting up a post.
  3. Instead of clicking the “Post” button on the right click the small icon on the left that looks like a clock
  4. When you do this a date and time area will appear. Simply select when you want your post to be published on Facebook for your fans to see.
  5. Click the “Schedule” button and VOILA!  Work complete!


Now you ask “oh my gosh I made a mistake” or “oh no I didn’t mean to post that on Sunday” – well never fear!

You can always go in and edit your post, change the date and time, or even delete it and start all over!  Forgot what you posted when – just check out the Activity Log and you can review what you have pending.

  1. Go to to top of your fan page and you will see two ways to access your pending scheduled posts.
  2. Click on either where is says in blue “Access the Activity Log” just above your notification box OR click “Edit Page” button and go to Activity Log.
  3. To change or edit hover over the top right corner of the post you need to change up and an arrow will appear.  Click this arrow and you will see that you can then Reschedule your post, edit your post, publish you post immediately or just delete it all together.

Work smarter – NOT harder!!!