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I have worked with my coach and mentor (yes – even a coach needs a coach and a support system!) to pick the right path for me to travel on. Working on an eating plan, what fitness program to follow, and talking about some other things with her. Sometimes your body simply gets ‘stuck’ and you need to change your plan up to get it moving again. Sometimes you also need to add certain supplements to your routine to get your body moving!

We have had a LOT going on here the last 3 weeks and I will admit it – I have not been a good eater, I have not been exercising like I should. So now its time to get the scale out of the moving boxes and takes some pictures and get started again.

I know me – I know I need a plan laid out. Thats how I am. I am a planner. I love to see things checked off my daily list so I know that the program she and I set up will be perfect for me to follow!

Why am I telling you all this? Because I want to keep myself accountable while inspiring others to take control of their health. Because I want you all to know that just because you stumble along the way does not mean you have failed unless you never get started again.

So here I am, meal planning for the week and getting ready to jump into my new routine. Are you a planner or do you just jump right into thing?