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Saint Patrick’s Day was nearing. Well, all I had heard from our son is how much leprechaun fun he has last year when they broke into his classroom and peed in the toilets. So I decided that I needed to come up with some leprechaun mischief of my own so he is not disappointed this year. 

The leprechauns not only peed in the toilet this year, they left footprints on the seat!  They also took every item off our bathroom vanity and replaced it with gold coins and green candies. Then they took his sneakers, stuffed them full of green treats and tattoos and left them on top of our son’s computer which was also surrounded by green goodies!

But, those crazy little green guys didn’t leave before finding our son and painting his face and arms green too!  Then they got daddy’s face!!!

Crazy little leprechauns!!!

Turn out this was really a great way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s a fun little prank you can play in the house and a bit like having the tooth fairy or Santa stop by, only leprechauns tend to cause a lot more mischief.

Next year I want to turn things up a notch with some of these other ideas I found on the internet:

  1. Overturn some of the furniture or move notable items (books, vases, etc.) out of their normal places.
  2. Make a mess of the playroom.
  3. Empty his clothes drawers.
  4. Turn paintings or pictures upside down.
  5. Toilet paper the kitchen.
  6. Use green food coloring and dye all of our eggs green.

Just keep in mind, if you try these remember leprechauns are supposed to cause (harmless) trouble—the funnier the better! I am also hoping to also find another four leaf clover and leave it on the kitchen counter as something the leprechaun left behind after causing so much mischief.

Leprechaun Fun

I hope that our fun morning and these other ideas I have for next year offer you a chance to bring a bit of magic to your own child.

If you have any other ideas for some leprechaun fun, please let me know in the comments below. I am always looking for some good ideas!