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Try a Re-Engagement Campaign, then Cut the Cord on Inactive Email Subscribers! Business Coaching with Slender Suzie

If you are like me your initial reaction to what I am about to say to you will be one of sheer panic as a network marketer. This may cause you some pain.

When it comes to your email campaign, inactive subscribers include all contacts who haven’t opened any of your messages over an extended period of time. Let’s face it people’s inboxes get bombarded and with the overflow of incoming emails it is very easy for them to lose interest in anything you have to say.

Of course you NEED to be making sure that you are not sending out messages with bland subject lines or content that is irrelevant on how you can help them change their lifestyle and/or financial situation.

It’s a reality that you must accept: if subscribers no longer fit your target audience, they will quickly become inactive and take up space on your list – which in the end costs you money as your list grows.

Yes you want your subscribers to open your messages no matter what when they request it. You always want your subscribers to interact with your messages. But, a bloated list full of inactive addresses will not perform well and could negatively impact your sender reputation.

Assess your email marketing strategy: How often are you sending emails? Is the information about your product/service something that a subscriber would value? The frequency and relevancy of your messages go into a subscriber’s decision to stop interacting with you.

So what do you do when your subscribers have “checked out” on you?

Easy – run a reengagement campaign and clean up your list!


Step 1 – Who is Not Opening Your Emails

Go to the manager subscribers screen in your AWeber account. Then run a search for “No Opens” and select a date form which you want to search back to. A good place to start is 90 days if you are emailing consistently. If your emails are sporadic you may want to make that date go bak even further (oh and step up your game and email on a regular basis!)

Make sure to click +Add and do a second search parameter to exclude anyone who just joined your list. After a you do not wait to cut of a new subscriber right up front.

Then add these people to a segment – you can name it anything you want – such as ‘No Opens 90 Days’ or ‘Inactive Subscribers’

Step 2 – Run a Reengagement Campaign

Even back when your inactive subscribers were engaged, they didn’t open or click on every single message from you. And they won’t all open/click on your first try at reengaging them.

To find the people who are really still interested in your campaign, set up a series of three broadcast messages that make it easy for them to take action. You can do things like send them a survey or reward them with a coupon or give them a free download that you make (such as a short PDF or eBook).

Send the second message to people who didn’t respond to the first one by creating a new segment after you send the first message, and then send the third message to people who didn’t respond to the second.

Step 3 – Cut the Cord

Going into this task, you must accept that there will be people who don’t respond to your reengagement messages. Although it’s hard to let go of those subscribers, you want the most responsive and interested list in the long run.

Stay firm with the decision to remove inactive subscribers. Run one final search for people who haven’t opened your messages and DELETE THEM from your list for good.

Yes this last step will not be easy. I know hoe it is – you want to hang on to every lead that comes your way but those leads who are not engaged and interacting with you are not worth hanging on to. Break up with them!

If you are still having a sheer panic attack you can always download the contacts on that non-responsive segment and save them away on your computer just to ease your pain a little. But get them off that email list!!!