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    Strawberry Shortcake – Keto, Low-Carb

    This Strawberry Shortcake recipe is a perfect dessert for anyone following a ketogenic or low-car lifestyle! The best part of this is that, while a traditional strawberry shortcake is heavy on the sugar, this version is not yet it offers the right touch of sweetness thanks to Swerve!

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    Keto Bacon Wrapped Smokies (Zero Carbs)

    Before keto, Bacon Wrapped Smokies were a family favorite and a major hit at the hunting lodge where I was the head chef. Well, this great appetizer has returned to the table thanks to the help of the new Swerve Brown!

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    Keto Sweet Tea – A Southern Girl’s Saving Grace

    When you live in the south Sweet Tea is one of the major food groups. But, when you go Keto, sugar is out. SO what is a sweet southern belle to do? Enter the keto friendly sweet tea thanks to Serve Sweetener. This is truly a ketogenic southern girl’s saving grace!

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    Keto Waffles

    Okay so the Krispy Kreme doughnut cake mix I came across this morning made me HANGRY - but instead of eating not so good stuff - I'm making waffles!! I found this recipe originally on Ditch the Carbs so I just HAD to try it!!! (and SCORE they did NOT need any protein...

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    Cream Cheese Pancakes

    Well this morning my son wanted pancakes for breakfast but instead of eating regular pancakes I did Cream Cheese Pancakes - I mean after all a fat mom trying to get fit has to stick to her plan to reach her goals right?! These cream cheese pancakes were delicious! The...

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    Spinach & Tomato Omelet

    Add extra nutrients to your breakfast with this protein packed omelet. This omelet only looks fancy - an easy, elegant, delicious omelet!! But, it is actually quite simple to make and can be done in just a few minutes! This dish can be perfect for anyone following the...

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    Low Carb Pumpkin Pie Pancakes

    I go back and forth with following a high fat low carb low carb lifestyle. I always feel better when I eat low carb and I always see higher amounts of weight loss then with just Plexus alone, but it can be a challenge to stick with as a wife and mom. Well, I'm back to...

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    Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

    So no matter how well you try to follow a ketogenic way of eating, we all get hit with those times when a quick snack is a must have!  These Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs are little wonderful miracles of deliciousness. Plus they are super convenient - you can make...

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