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I know you have seen these people on social media – the “perfect weight loss experts” because boy oh boy are they ready to jump on their keyboards and tell you how easy it is to lose weight. Comments like the following irritate me to an extreme:

  • “It’s called portion control and moving around”
  • “No pill is ever the answer…”
  • “What about good old fashioned exercise and hard work and eating right”
  • “Good diet and healthy exercise is the answer”
  • “The true and correct answer is to eat clean, to eat healthy, to read EVERY label, and to cook your own food”
  • “The best way lose weight get up walk and be active and eat right”
  • “People need to go to a gym to lose weight”
  • “Diet and exercise is the only answer”

While yes I agree you need to eat right (I mean heck I even teach ketogenic living to every one of my customers) and incorporate some exercise into your life for long term results, I totally disagree with anyone who says taking any supplements to help you on your journey is wrong.  They are flat out incorrect and ignorant of a few facts. Let me explain…

When I first began my weight loss journey I decided I would “do it right” like those comments above were saying.  I joined a gym and at that gym I hired a personal trainer.  I was given a meal plan to follow as well. I took it very seriously – I logged every item that went into my mouth, when I made my food I measured it with a kitchen scale and measuring everything to be exactly on point with each meal and to be sure I was spot on accurate in how much I ate. I only drank black coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day. I took my meal consumption and tracking to a level that would put someone with OCD to complete and total shame.  I worked out with my trainer 3 days per week and the other 2 days I was in the gym (with him watching me) doing cardio machines. I was only resting on weekends just as he laid out for me in my weight loss plan.

A month went by and I lost ZERO pounds and ZERO inches.

On the advice of my personal trainer I gathered up my food logs and headed to my doctor to get tests to see if I had a thyroid or other medical issue that was interfering with my weight loss progress. She reviewed my logs and told me I was “doing everything exactly right”. The blood tests confirmed my thyroid was the middle of normal – so no issues there. There was NO medical reason why my body was just stuck at obese. She even (despite no thyroid issues) prescribed be Levothyroxine which according to her should have cause me to lose 2 pounds per week.  Months later still nothing!!!

It was not until I added the supplements I use daily to my routine of ketogenic eating and fitness that I saw progress.

Posts like this one below truly make people feel they are doing something wrong because our way is not the same as the person making the post about working out and eating salads.I was VERY controlled and my body was so unhealthy despite all I did to “do it right” like you are saying it was not working and I remained fat and sick until I got on the products I use  .

Beachbody Coach telling People Plexus is a Joke and Self Control is All You Need - Slender Suzie Plexus Ambassador

To the gal who posted this above – good for you that you feel working out and eating salads is best for you. But, just because you workout daily and eat salads does not mean you are healthy on the inside! You can still be suffering from things that will throw up a huge road block on  your health journey.

To all of you out there who have people telling you not to take any supplements and “just do it right” – tell them that you ARE doing it right because you are doing what works for YOU AND YOUR BODY and if they don’t like it they should keep their opinions to themselves (because quite frankly you don’t need those negative nancy’s in your life anyway)

The weight loss journey is hard enough for some of us without all of these “perfect people” trying to tell us we are doing stuff wrong!