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Quick Start to Proper Portion Control with Slender Suzie

Yes, I use and swear by my supplements I use daily to support my health and weight loss journey, but if you have followed me at all you also know that I always say supplements are a TOOL to get you there – there is NO such thing as a magic pill! The key is in your food intake. No matter what supplements you buy or how much time you spend in the gym if you eat wrong it is all useless.

Yep – you heard me – if you buy the supplements I use and still eat wrong you are wasting your money!

I know so many people who could use a portion control system. They need to know what to eat and how much of it to eat to achieve maximum results.  BUT (there is always a but isn’t there?) there is NO need to pay $140 for a package to get started learning to eat right! All you need is a set of containers but this HAS to be the right ones not random ones from Walmart or Target) and then you need to know what to do with them!

Portion Control Quick Start Steps:

Step 1: Purchase your container system for only around $12 at

Step 2: Join my FREE clean eating group at

In my group you will learn what a proper day of eating looks like, how many containers per day you need for YOUR body, what goes into each container, what supplements I use and what may work best to help you with hunger control and other things, and to get your weekly meal plans and much more!

Simple. Effective. Enjoyable. It’s that easy!