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Well I cannot speak for anyone else but I do not spend my weekends tied to Social Media. As a matter of fact I make it a point to walk away from my computer, cell phone and other technology on the weekends.  I have learned that anything on there can simply wait until Monday when I am back in my “office”. I use my weekends to spend time with my family and catch up on house work etc. My Facebook Business Page does remain active as I schedule some fun posts during the weekend for my fans

So, I logged into my Facebook and see this message (you can see the attitude which I will discuss below – and I wont even get into the bad grammar/spelling that it contains because that is a whole other subject when it comes to conducting business online!)

There are a few problems I have with this type of messaging when it occurs on Facebook.You Failed to Like My Facebook Page Social Media Etiquette

First off – as you can see from the dates it was the weekend. As I said earlier I do not sit on Facebook 24/7 let alone on the weekends. This particular weekend my husband had just gotten home from a 10 day hunting trip and we were doing family time. Now not only did this message become personally offensive it brings me to a bigger point when it comes to social media etiquette – you do not know another person’s schedule and to becomes so needy on being “liked” on social media that it prompts you to send an “I am unliking you” message then you need to truly take a break from all things Facebook (or any social media for that matter) because you may very well have lost tough with being a real person.

Now my second point. On my personal Facebook profile I have my likes hidden. What does this mean? It means anyone on my friends list can not see the pages I have chosen to become a fan of. This also means that no one can see my name when I like their Facebook business page. They will only see their number of fans have increased but no new names have appeared on their list. This is the same for ANYONE who likes your business page on Facebook that has their likes hidden in their profiles – you wont see their name but your number of fans will increase.

I cannot beleive you did not like my Facebook Social Media Etiquette

People are able to control who can see which content they’ve liked on Facebook. This means that Page Admins won’t be able to see a full list of people who have liked their Page. You may see new Likes, but this number usually does not reflect your total Like count since people can choose to share things differently. For more information about Page Insights and understanding your Page’s Likes check out the Facebook help section at

The fact that someone took time out of their day to even send such a message to someone else, let alone without knowing how Facebook works, is simply extremely bad etiquette especially for a business person. If you are going to use social media to conduct business be sure you know how social media works and that you understand proper etiquette before causing unnecessary drama for yourself.

People DO have lives outside of Facebook– not every message you send will be met with an immediate response. Many people actually do live lives outside of Facebook – sometimes you will even see a message says “read but guess what that person may have gotten busy in real life before they can answer you. You also have people (like me) who can see your PM pop up on their cell but have NOT downloaded the Facebook Messenger App so they can’t get back to you until they are at their computer. But, when you do send something, at the very least make sure you at least know what your talking about first instead of making accusations – and if you are in business BE PROFESSIONAL – stay clear of messages like the one you see above.