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Plexus Sucks - Slender Suzie Plexus Ambassador
A MESSAGE TO MY FELLOW NETWORK MARKETERS – and anyone else who needs to hear this (and yep I am sure this will ruffle some feathers but has anyone known me to be anything but straight up honest even if it isn’t something you want to hear)….
If it sounds to good to be true – IT IS!
Meal replacement shakes, wraps, powders, special teas and coffees, or get skinny quick schemes and the “you don’t have to change what you eat” posts. MY business isn’t about getting dangerously skinny, OUR BUSINESS is about helping people become healthy from the inside out. It is about a REAL solution.
The get skinny or get rich quick schemes come and go. If you want real success you have to put in real labor, have real consistency, and full 100% belief in what you are offering.
I am successful because I am a Plexus lifer and because I’ve screwed up and thought the grass was greener on the other side and tried the others and I can only stand by something that I believe in (you can read more on that by clicking here if you have not seen that yet). I have had real success and real results ONLY with Plexus and that is the reason I am here. It was never about money for me (although that is part of why I do what I do – after all we have bills to pay like everyone else)… it was about a business with as purpose. A business with a cause, a business backed by people who know what they are doing, and care, a business surrounded by others who love the Lord and who are now people I consider family.
If you are jumping ship, it’s not because Plexus sucks… it’s because you didn’t put in the consistency, the daily effort and you just didn’t have it in you to push through the really tough times or get past that start up phase.
It took me TIME to become successful in this business. I worked for free for a very long time. I made investments into my business. I have had my business fall apart on me and I have had to rebuild it more than once.
I promise you this. The moment my income disappears, the moment my business crumbles … again… I will not let fear take me away from what I love. I love this business, and I will always be here…