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Well tonight I was a guest speaker on a business team training call that is run each week by the upline of a network marketing company. When asked what I would like to discuss I was not too sure what I would speak about.  Then it came to me – the big burning question of “what drives your team, what is THEIR why”.

Goals and Passion Slender Suzie

If you remember I had myself learned a very hard lesson when my former upline, who I had thought of as a friend and mentor, told me that my family was a distraction to me (if you missed that you can click here to read up). It was devastating to me not only to realize this person simply saw me as a giant dollar sign and not as a real person but that they said my family was a problem – my family is my driving force in everything that I do. This person even had the nerve to say to me I was blocking her form chatting on Facebook – yes of course I HAD shut off my chat box because as I had told my team many times I was cyber schooling my son this year and when we were working on school I would be offline. Instead of knowing this was going on, despite being told, I was accused of wrong doing by not immediately responding to PMs! (side note:  the person who did this is also a person who had been unavailable any time she traveled, went out with her children, etc…  pot? kettle? black?  You be the judge).

So tonight on the call I decided to share this revelation with other team members in the hopes that they will become much more aware of the people who join them and WHY it is they join the team in the first place.

We must be very careful to see each person on our team as an individual, a human being, not a dollar sign or a stepping stone to our next target. If we only see people as a dollar sign on their forehead them we lose what truly matters – the person they are and WHY they chose us to be on this journey with. Something drew them to us over anyone else and if we break that by being so driven by money we can’t see what they need and want then we are doomed to fail in this business.

Zig Ziglar may have explained this best when he said “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”.

We need to spend more time building meaningful relationship with our team members (not just in our own downline but across all of our chosen company) regardless of what you can get from them in return.

You need to also realize that just because a person sees your message on Facebook does not mean they have the opportunity right at that moment to respond…  give them a chance – they have a whole world going on outside of Facebook. Blocking people on Facebook, treating others as dollar signs, not being willing to open up and share information on what works and what does not – you gain NOTHING from this behavior. This to me is NOT the sign of a good leader (let alone a good human being).

So, you can embrace the philosophy of “One Company, One Team, One Mission” or be the other group, the ones who do not want to be part of a family, a community of people connecting and learning and supporting each other….  well you can judge or yourself which you would rather be.

For me I choose to spend more time connecting on a much more personal level with my team and helping them with THEIR why for with me, celebrating THEIR accomplishments, and helping them through the times THEY feel down. If I had lacked in this area the revelation I had recently was worth making me see the error of my ways and now it is my focus to help my team, and others in my company, to reach THEIR goals, work for THEIR whys and be successful in the way THEY deem to be success vs failure.