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So here is an issue that needs to be addressed that I see happening quite often. I want to preface this by saying that this write up goes for both men and women even though I am writing to to a man.  Women can be guilty of this same violation of their marriage vows.

If you are out with friends it is NOT okay to allow those people to even get the feeling or joke around about you being unfaithful to your spouse! There is no excuse for this behavior.  NONE. Because one of two things is happening – or maybe both – (1) you are doing things that allow people to come to the conclusion that you are in fact being unfaithful to your marriage in public and (2) you are actually being unfaithful and saying it was just a joke to cover up your acts.

Here is an example of one such text (this is not an actual father and sone but a joke between to guys – the married man is though to have something going on with a girl named Erica).

Cheating Text Example

This is NOT okay.  It is not okay to allow people to see this type of activity and even assume that is taking place.  The right response was “no way I’m married” THERE IS NO OTHER RESPONSE! There is no excuse for this, there is only now a disrespect and distrust in your marriage about another woman.  It is not okay to text these thing, it is not okay to have your photo taken with random people of the opposite sex everywhere you go, it is no okay to friend them on social media or give them your cell phone number.

If you are married you have a responsibility to your spouse, your marriage, your children (if you have any) and to God for those vows you took and even IF it was a joke you allowed the disrespect to happen but not taking a stand and saying “I am married” because guess what genius? You ARE married so act like it or get out!