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So here we are – Day 30! All I can say is I FEEL FANTASTIC. No headache, no dry skin, eating less….

Slender Suzie One Gallon Water Challenge Day 30 - Meet John |

Now I of course do not have the same drastic “before and after” as the gal I talked about in the Day 1 post – but I decided that now I want to challenge YOU to do what I did.

I challenge you to take my #5WeekWaterChallenge. This will be a very fun and interactive way for you to increase how much water you are drinking ….  Do you accept my challenge?

Slender Suzie 5 Week Water Challenge - Join Now


No worries – its totally FREE! You will get a tracking tool for the 5 weeks along with some great interaction plus a chance to be featured on and get some great random bonuses and much more (but the only way you can see the bonuses I plan to dish out is if you join the challenge!)

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