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Slender Suzie One Gallon Water Challenge Day 20Well, so far so good. I have been drinking my gallon of water very faithfully each and every day!   Well except for 3 of them – and let me tell you why I know am 110% sure I need to drink as much water as I am…

I was able to travel to my company’s Leadership Retreat at the gorgeous Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Resort in Nashville, Tennessee.  I traveled from Thursday evening of January 22 and stayed the night in Ohio then finished the drive in Friday morning. When I got there I was of course immediately busy meeting people and going to our meeting Friday night.  In that tie frame I was not drinking the water that I should at all – not even close.  On Saturday morning it hit – a nasty nasty headache! It was that moment that I realize my body was signaling me “I need my water woman!” so I immediately grabbed some bottled of water and drank up.

The headache was behind me. I did drive home on Sunday January 25 and again did not drink enough water properly.  did not have much time to stop as I was trying to get home before a huge snowstorm hit and if I did not get home before it I would be stuck somewhere for another two days. I did drink some but again I had to make up for that when I got home.  When I got back into the swing of things of course “John” and I started to see one another quite often again as my body readjusted to the water intake….  I would venture to say”John” was a but mad at me for slacking off….

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Poor “John” he also had the added bonus of my husband and my son having the flu – yeah he was being visited quite often for those few days!

Anyway, with all of that said, when I am faithful to my routine,  some things I am really noticing overall are the fact I do not feel bloated at all. One your body gets used to having such great hydration it functions better.  I also notices that I am NOT running to visit the bathroom as often so I feel my body is used to the fact that this new routine is happening daily and has adjusted very nicely to that.  With that adjustment my weight of course is not dropping as fast as it did that first bit but I am now absolutely still losing weight just at a nice healthy pace once again – thanks of course to my supplements!

So I do think I proved one thing – which is what I was trying to prove as part of this 30 days – water is SO important and can cause you issues if you do not hydrate properly – in my case a pretty bad headache. Give your body lots and lots of water – try your own 30 day challenge and see what happens!

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