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Slender Suzie One Gallon Water Challenge Day 10Well it has been ten days since I started drinking one GALLON of water per day. I have been posting update photos on Instagram keeping everyone updated that I am in fact drinking my water each day.

Before I get into the details of how my week has been going I wanted to let everyone know something who may be just catching up.  I was asked in the past week a LOT of times “why are you doing this” or getting comments like “well I already drink a gallon of water a day”.  Here is the thing, if you ARE in fact truly drinking that much water and hydrating your body BRAVO thats is a great accomplishment. But the fact is that a great majority of people are NOT hydrating properly.  They drink no where near enough water in a day for their bodies and many do not even realize that they may have things going on that are associated with dehydration.

Some very basic things that people will attribute to other factors could actually be dehydration such as: headaches, feeling sleepy and tired out, dry skin, dizziness, constipation, low blood pressure…. the list goes on. So for me this is not only about my own journey but this is also about drawing attention and raising awareness to the importance of water in your day.

Myself, prior to this, I was drinking the recommended amount of water in ounces per day of water very faithfully (as of last week I would have needed to consume 81 ounces per day…  which means I have increased by 47 ounces per day to equal a gallon). I assumed that was enough.  Turns out even with that my body has shown me just in the past week of drinking this much water how I actually needed even more.

I can see it and feel it in my body.  My bowel functions are VERY regular now. My hunger is even less than it was taking my products which is hard to believe because that works wonders on hunger and sugar cravings. I have lost weight – for a total of 3 pounds just in the last seven days (despite a few days of not so great food choices and some M&Ms here and there). Do I pee a lot?  HECK YES.  But hey I still have “John” cheering me on all week HAHA!

Slender Suzie One Gallon Water Challenge Day 10 - Meet John |

My husband reminds me to drink my gallon of water as well which is pretty awesome, although the first day he did that he then asked me to go pick him up a tray of pizza!  Sigh…  nothing like the support of your spouse! Good thing he is so dang irresistible or I would have to trade him in! So now you know why I had some rough foods days – pizza in my kitchen was just too hard and honestly I joke about my hubby taunting me with pizza but the journey is not about deprivation its about moderation.  So yepper – I sure did indulge in that ooey gooey cheese deliciousness!

My Supportive Husband Tempting me with Pizza Slender Suzie

So I will continue my quest of drinking one gallon per day. My goal, besides my own health, is to show people that water is SO very important to their health. Stay tuned for my 30 day update to see the results of just one month of this new water consumption routine!

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