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So, I remember reading somewhere that pull ups are an indicator of how in shape a person is (or is not) and in my quest to get more into my physical routine this year I bought a door gym trainer that I can use to work on my pull ups and upper body strength as well as some core exercises. I was all proud that I found one that was inexpensive and did all of this awesome functions – I came home with my stash I used my Christmas money from my mother-in-law to purchase.  This was my haul…. (side note I returned the kettlebell for a MUCH better one…  do NOT get the kind where you can see the seems they will destroy your hands!)

My Christmas Haul Thanks To My Mommy-In-Law Slender Suzie


Well I immediately ripped open the box and pulled out my door trainer and assembled it very quick with no cussing or anything (they made it easy because it came with the tools to tighten it all up so I did not have to go digging through the garage to find anything!)  Then I pulled out the super easy to follow chart that it came with and thought to myself “oh this is just awesome now I can follow this routine” – see I am a visual learner so pictures are always good for me to have – and a little booklet with some yummy looking new recipes (BONUS I can now add them to the recipe section of the blog when I make them)!

I decided to put it up on a door and check out how it works.  UH YEAH….  Houston we have a problem!  My doors are the 1% of doors that are NOT compatible with a door trainer!   You have GOT to be kidding me! My oh so proud of my new piece of equipment felt short lived.  Then I saw it!  The closet door in our entry way. YES!!! A door that it IS compatible with!!!

Okay so I have to workout IN our closet. But I am determined not to let little things get in my way.  So its just me and our coast / shoes / archery equipment and other miscellaneous items. Closet or no closet I am just happy because I can do my pull ups and have that “bass ass feeing” you get after doing them!

Now onto the task at hand.  Performing my pull ups. I looked at my cute little chart it came with at the variations of pull ups and decided just to go with the basic wide grip.  Here we go…..

Um…okay try this again….  here we go….

OH. CRAP. I seriously cannot do even one pull up. ONE. FREAKING. PULL UP.

Unlike other exercises that can be completed with just your body weight (like squats, lunges, and push ups), pull ups and other exercises that strengthen your pull muscles require at least one piece of equipment!  On top of all of that, if you can’t do one yet, how the heck are you supposed to work on them to get better?

I do not intend to give up.  I plan to learn how to increase that strength that I clearly and totally lack in my upper body and conquer the realm of pull up stardom. Legs I can dropkick anyone in one shot, arms however – yeah not so much! So I need to continue to work on my arm strength (I have a few techniques I will be trying to see if that will help).  But until then I will be sticking with my kettlebells and some other things I can do!

BUT – mark my words evil pull up – one day I will OWN YOU!