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As a cyber school mom I get a lot of flack from some people how our son will miss out on socialization and dealing with the “real world” when he gets older. We just announced our return to cyber school and already the naysayers are starting up. Well, I want to set the record straight right now about this.
First off, I do not understand why people think going to school all day is the only way a kid can socialize. In reality, traditional school takes so much time away from the kids. School isn’t even much of a social place anymore, and quite frankly from what I have experienced in the local school system much of the socialization that is happening is pretty inappropriate. And if it were working, my son would not be in tears feeling rejected by his peers.
Frankly, children go to school and are told to sit in their desks and be quiet. That’s not very social. Also, there are plenty of ways to get socialized…in fact, we have MORE time to do so because we don’t have hours of homework every evening!
As a cyber school family, my son has social interaction on a regular basis (our cyber school has tons of field trips and other activities not to mention our son is involved in sports teams, the YMCA, church… the list goes on) but with this we also get the added benefit of having the privilege to ‘pick and choose’ the situations and even observe many of the interactions they have. This gives us incredible insight into our child that traditional school parents simply do not have.
I’ve learned not to defend my decision. The truth is, I find that women especially become very defensive or pushy about their choices for their children. (think of all the debates on vaccinations, organic diets, video games, television time, etc.) But especially in education, we feel the need to push our opinions on each other and condescendingly question some else’s choice.
My thought on this is that perhaps we are all just looking to be validated for one of the most important decisions we will make in our kids lives. We all want to do the best thing and make the best choice for our child’s education. But honestly, what’s best for one child and one family might not be for the next child. I would rather take the path less taken and know in my heart that I am at peace with my choice for my child.
No education is best for every person. Sorry this got so long – but from now on when someone asks about cyber school in a negative or critical way, I will simply answer “It is the best choice right now for our family” and end the chatter.  Hopefully they can show enough respect to not continue to belittle our decision as well.