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So yesterday I apparently struck a chord on my Facebook Fanpage. I was discussing excuses in business (well and in life). Now, if a discussion about what not to do in business prompts you to go on the attack on Facebook about how ‘hard’ you worked – well then you probably really need to look in the mirror and see what in fact you actually did and look HARD at the real answers.

One person in particular went completely on the attack when I talked about what it really takes to be a success.  Attacking me as a person, attacking the products, yet not one time did this person look in the mirror and say they did not commit to the business. Instead it was comments like the one below.  Here is one quote from my fanpage this person made:

“i worked my butt off trying to sell this…if a company doesn’t pay then its hard to continue so quit lying about ur success and start telling the truth…this product will only get u to a healthy weight it will not necessarily get u to ur ideal weight”

You want truth – here it is – in black and white — I say  THANK GOD that our products will ‘only’ get you to a healthy weight.  Who wants to be anorexic looking? I am GLAD our products don’t get you to ‘your ideal weight’ because for some people ideal is NOT healthy!!! That is not what I want that is for sure – I want to be HEALTHY and I can bet that my customers and my business partners who know the power of these products would agree. I also can tell you that the ‘worked my butt off’ response is a joke.  How do I know this? Because there are no posts by this person, no stories of her own product use, and only a total of 62 days of very sporadically ‘trying’ to run a home based business before walking away.

And this person is right – they earned nothing in their 62 whole days of ‘trying’ – because the company DOESN’T pay you unless you WORK your business.  Hmmm..  novel concept isn’t it?!?! Working to earn your income?!?!?

The above is just one example of this person’s attempted attack, the messaging continued for hours trying to defend herself and put me as a person down…  waste of her time but gave me a good chuckle that she was at least passionate about being so negative! Had she spent even an ounce of the energy it took her to go on her Facebook attack she may actually have succeeded in business – well with a better attitude of course.

No matter what company you are in, 62 days will get you NO WHERE. If you are truly looking to be a success in business and have a sustainable income YOU MUST COMMIT TO THE LONG TERM. Commit to ONE company and really work your business. The success stories come after a long standing commitment to see it through – good times, bad times, busy time, slow time, even times that make you want to cry – the victories come to those who keep on keeping on.

Excuses are BS.  Yes, you heard me – B…S…

I am always amused by the people that have time to complain OVER AND OVER AND OVER on Facebook about their financial situation yet never take action to do anything about it…. NEWS FLASH….. if you have time to sit and complain online, you have time to get up off of your booty and TAKE ACTION.

“I don’t have time” and “I don’t have $” are B.S. excuses! You MAKE time and you FIND money if you TRULY want something! Excuses are for the WEAK!  Trust me, I GET IT! We in the past have sold our BED and slept on a blow up mattress from Walmart for weeks – we had been at the point we were BEYOND broke. I did NOT however allow our circumstances to hold me back and YOU shouldn’t either!!!

Now, let me say this one more time…… EXCUSES ARE B…S…

Want to hear the “excuses” I could have used? I’ve lost and buried my son, I lost my grandma that raised me to cancer, I’ve lost my job due to a health issue, been without a car, I’ve sold our furniture to pay bills….. (should I go on??) yet I wake up EVERY SINGLE DAY with a smile on my face knowing that I CHOOSE to be happy by not being a “victim”

Excuses are BS - Take Up One Idea and make It Your Own Slender Suzie

On that note…… I commit my time to people who are willing to make things HAPPEN and not give me a sob story…. Sorry if that sounds harsh however, my mind is too valuable to fill with nonsense negative chatter…. Save your excuses….. no one wants to hear them anyways….You can make things HAPPEN or you can make excuses…. not both!

Things might suck right now but remember….”There is no Testimony without the Test”. Drop the excuses and get with the program – your LIFE depends on it! Remember you have all it takes to overcome any setback or challenges. You were born to shine!!!!!! Just tell yourself, enough is enough and begin today and now. If you don’t have to have all the resources in place. Start with what is available. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Please take that first step and keep moving. Your crown is waiting for you.

It’s time you kiss your excuses goodbye. Step forward in faith and put your plans into action. It’s only actions that will produce results. As long as you keep finding excuses, you will remain where you are.

I TOOK ACTION AND I SUCCEEDED…  so, now YOU have a choice – you can keep watching me or you can join me … what will your choice be?