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I get asked many times each week about free samples of my products – and to be quite honest for a while I gave away freebies to my “friends”.  I always felt like I had to do that. Just because I am a close relative or I knew someone from high school, church, whatever the case may be as to why we had met. They made me feel obligated to them for some odd reason. Yes, even the ones who I had not seen or heard from in YEARS. Sometimes I even get random messages asking for freebies from unknown people through my blog or social media sites.

Issues with Free Samples

Here is the problem. When I did give out free samples to these friends and family they would disappear after getting their goodies. Never to be heard from again!  No feedback, no hey I got your package, nothing. Just POOF. Gone. I used to give out freebies in the hope to get feedback and future sales for my business – a business that supports my family, a business that pays our bills and keeps a roof over our heads.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a small handful of times I will still give a small sample but they are pretty rare these days. It is more a trade for a favor (such as when someone helped us move our furniture to our new house) or something that person has in exchange for what I have. Those situations are a win win.

The other issue with this “can I have a free samples” is quite honestly this. I pay money out of my own pocket to have trial products on hand.  By giving out freebies I am basically giving away my money, my family’s money. If I gave out just one 5 day pack a week that would cost me thousands of dollars of my family’s income each year (and imagine if it was multiple requests per week -yikes)!!!  An income that again I will stress helps pay our family’s bills and keeps a roof over our head. This is my ONLY job. It is our lifeline.

Free Samples Can Hurt Your Business

To those asking for samples, what they fail to remember when they want free goodies is that this is my bread and butter. My business. If they owned a store or other business would I be able to walk in and say “hey can I have all of this for free?” Hmmm.  Probably not.  So why do people feel that just because I work at home my stuff is free as well?

I have had some say “I guess you don’t want my business”.

Would you walk into a car dealership and ask for a free car in order to come back when you then want to buy one? Would you walk into a restaurant and say “I want a free dinner and if I like it then I will come back and buy a dinner and pay for it?”  Okay so those are not exactly the same thing but in theory its the same basic principal or idea.

Your Business Is Valuable

Besides that my products are valuable – they work, they produce results.  They are worth more than nothing (and a freebie equals nothing – zero, zip, zilch, nada). What I do holds VALUE. If I were to just give out my stuff not only do I take money away from supporting my family I then place the value of my business at $0.

On the flip side of that think about it. Is your health worth nothing or are you willing to invest in yourself? I find that the people who get the freebies are simply just looking for a freebie. They have no reason to commit to making a real effort or a real change in themselves.  Why should they? There was no commitment on their part – it was free! If they don’t put a little skin in the game they are not invested in making it work – pain and simple.

Sorry, No Free Samples Here…

While I love my friends the truth of the matter is my business is just that, a business.  Do I want them to get healthy, look and feel better? YOU BET I DO! But I also need to be able to support my family and run my business without feeling guilty.

So I will continue to only sell my products at the prices set by my company. You can buy a trial pack, continue on to purchase a full month supply, or you can feel free to pass on that and move to something else. That is your choice. But I have to run my business like any other business has to.

If you want a trial pack and choose to purchase them or buy a month supply of my product line thank you for your support of my business and taking the steps to better your body, mind, spirit and business. I am here to support you as your coach and mentor once you become my customer.

What I cannot do and will not do is give any freebies out in that process.