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So many things are changing for me. My new fitness and weight loss journey. My husband has a new job. We have a new home in a new city and state. Literally every part of my life is starting a new chapter all at the same time. Talk about starting with a clean slate! LOL

Change can be scary. I know moving for sure is – it is a huge change for us, although not the first time we have started somewhere new but this one is a big opportunity for our family so we could not have said no to it. But in most ways I am ready to embrace this change. This clean slate to completely “reinvent” my entire life all at one time. Not many people will get that opportunity but here it is – laid out before me ready for me to grab hold of it and run (trust me that is a metaphor – I am NOT a runner!)

So, Monday is the start of a fresh life. New workout routine, new meal plan, new home, new everything. Here we go…