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Work Hard and Make It Happen It's Network Marketing it is not called NOTwork Marketing - Slender Suzie Business Coach Plexus Ambassador The Inspire Empire

The odds of finding a four-leaf clover have been calculated at 10,000 to 1! If you do find one, you are lucky indeed – but guess what?  That kind of luck does not apply to your business life!

If you’re not working then your business isn’t working. Success comes down to the individual. Not the company. Not your sponsor. Not even your products. Not the company’s “momentum” or “launches”, or “getting to a Billion”.  There is no luck here – its all about work.

So, let me ask you this….

How many people did you get your information in front of today?
How about yesterday?
How about this week?


Get a system that works for you and WRITE IT DOWN and be sure you are doing it every single day. I personally use Streak for my business activities (its very visual and it’s free)! Some use Asana, some use Teamzy, some use pen and paper or buy a planner – whatever work for you then DO IT.

f you are procrastinating on making your phone calls, posting on social media, sending your emails and doing your follow-ups or other daily essentials for success you will never pick up momentum – not your own and not the momentum of your company or your team.  If you don’t invest the time to master your inviting skills, then what good is “the right place at the right time” if you can’t even get people to show up to take a look at your information?

Gain skills by doing the main thing you must do, EVERY DAY, toward what you’re going to achieve, and the universe will take care of the rest!

Be committed – work your business everyday – and stop with the excuses and stories. This is network marketing but some people think is NOTwork marketing – and guess what? They are missing the boat!

RIGHT NOW. It’ll either be a story of that one time you tried this or a decision to be successful.

Which do you choose in the next 60 seconds? Go do it NOW!