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My Upline is a Thief - How to Cope with a Bad Upline Sponsor in Network Marketing | www.SlenderSuzie.comSo you just joined the person who made you all sorts of promises of what they will do for you if you join them or you joined them simply because they lived closer to you than someone else so you naturally assumed that they will be a better fit.

I get messages every week from people needing help because their uplines have vanished or are too busy for them now that they have joined. The biggest mistake is they joined a “name” and not a real reputation or just picked a local because they figure that HAS to be better than a long distance sponsor (and that is partly why I write my blog – to try to help those out there not on my team – while I can’t help each of them 1:1 with the size of my own team I can still help with advice and training here for them to turn to).

I have actually been involved with network marketing for a while now and only found my stride recently int he future of my business.

With that said I will tell you in all these years I have found that a good sponsor is far and few between. I have had local sponsors and long distance sponsors and I can tell you with absolutely certainly that distance is irrelevant when it comes to how good your sponsor is. I have had ones that just refuse to answer me and ones in my last company that just told me how negative I was simply because I was asking questions and who have since also quit that company but have yet to ever “man/woman up” and say they were wrong for what they had done to me and put me through.

I won’t name names but I want to tell you about my worst upline E-V-E-R.

I had an upline once that made me a LOT of promises  “We will be putting people under you right away because we only want a certain number of front line performers” among several other promises. I was told what good Christians they were, how they were top earners and how I would have mentors that I could trust and look up to.  They said all of the just right things and when they said what good Christians they were I though “wow this is a great fit for me”. Well guess what happened?  The first few days of business I introduced two people to this upline to get a 3 way call done (you know that “magical” three way call that helps you grow) and my upline STOLE MY RECRUIT!  Yep.  Bam just like that with absolutely no regrets.  Even put it in writing to me that they did it (and as for the lack of ethics on the part of the recruit they stole who joined them instead – well thats is a whole different blog post right there).Then if that was to bad enough they started to mine my contact list on Facebook to recruit people I knew saying “we have Sue in common as a friend”.  OH HECK NO.

My upline was a thief and a liar in every sense of the word but I was NOT going to let that upline steal my family’s future forever.  Did they steal it for now? Yeah – a little bit financially speaking. Did I wish to God at that moment I could get moved out from under them so they could never earn another dime off of my success OH HECK YES but as you know if you are in network marketing that is usually not an option the way compensation plans are structured.

I only say the above because I want you to understand that even in the worst situations what you do next is truly what will matter in the end. What I chose to do as a response to that was my choice.  As Jordan Adler said “the kiss of death in your business is waiting for someone to help you.” Whatever you do DO NOT QUIT over a bad upline.

My best advice is to be proactive and take responsibility for you own actions. There are no mistakes only learning experiences. Get past all excuses and they come in many forms – one of the top ones is “I have a bad upline” and as you can see I may have had one of the worst ones on the planet that I had to deal with. Anything that gets in the way of your success is an excuse. To be frank with you, it takes guts to do this business. But, the rewards make it all worth it. Stop all pity parties, ditch the bad upline, and do this for YOU. After all that is why you started this isn;t it?  for you and your family.

You need to realize what I did – that you are the only one one who is going to ultimately responsible for your success and you need to tap into your real power and personal leadership ability. Power comes from responsibility so you need to remind yourself day in and day out why you started and then tell yourself that you will make it to the top of this company regardless of what someone else did to try to destroy your path. That is when you really become powerful.

The most successful and powerful people in the world all share one common character trait and its’ 100% responsibility.

As Matt Morris stated “Make a strong statement for yourself that you’re going to be powerful, you’re going to be successful, and you’re going to get it done no matter what and not only will you achieve personal fulfillment but you’ll be providing great leadership for others which will in turn attract the right kind of like minded people into your business!”

I will say thank to you all of my horrible uplines for being horrible for only one reason: you taught me what NOT to do to others.

As for me, yes I am not at the goals I should at been at in my business because of this thievery from these “good Christians” but I refuse to allow them to steal my entire future. It was a setback yes, financially it was money my family desperately needed…  but in the end I CHOOSE SUCCESS – and after all doesn’t the saying actually go “the best revenge is massive success”.  So go be a success to spite them and go be the leader to others you wish you had for yourself!