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My Journey After Child Loss

I am a wife and mother to some truly amazing children. Outside of my faith in God, my family is the priority in my life and they come above all else – they are my world!
Sue Hall Slender Suzie - Beachbody CoachI was an overweight out of shape woman and struggling network marketer who had all but given up hope to create my dream team and get back to the fit fun gal I used to be. Medically I was a mess because of my weight. Career wise I had no duplication, no system, and nobody winning.

In January 2013, Slender Suzie was born where I teach others how to engage their futures by transformation their bodies and building their businesses.

I decided to give it one last ‘hoorah’ for both my career and my body transformation with an established health and wellness company that is the leader in the work of keto called Prüvit that continues to grow and changes lives every day. Partnering with the right leadership, a viral marketing message, and intensive leadership development I am now leading a huge team of business partners spanning the United States and abroad.


But lets turn back the clock so you can understand my story….

My weight loss and health journey began several years ago.

My husband and I met when she was on Friday, November 14, 2003, and immediately we fell madly in love. Okay well not immediately it took a few days – but then it happened – THE kiss.  Outside of our friends pub one night, in the rain, a few days after our first meeting – he just grabbed me in the rain, pushed me against the wall and kissed me.  Not just any kiss – the most passionate amazing kiss I have ever experienced in my life – the kind you see in a movie or soap opera and dream could happen to you. Well it DID happen for me. I never looked back!

We each had a daughter from a previous relationship – Ashley and Alyssa – but after about 6 months together we talked about having a child and immediately we both knew we wanted to build a family right away. On Thanksgiving even of 2004 our wish was granted and I discovered I was pregnant.

Austin Joseph Hall Child Loss Premature Birth Grief Hope HealingOn, Tuesday, April 5, 2005, we lost our son Austin.  I woke up Sunday morning not feeling well and was found to be in preterm labor at 23 weeks – up until then I had a normal ‘textbook’ pregnancy. He lived for only a very short 26 minutes here on earth. My world was shattered. My husband and I ended up apart about a week after his funeral due.  I went through the grief process alone. I spend months not even able to leave our house to get the mail because I could not breathe walking outside. Church every Sunday was the only place I could go and be okay.

After we were brought back together as a couple in 2006, we decided it was time to try again and I became pregnant almost right away. We had an appointment on Friday, September 1, 2006 and saw “baby dot’s” heartbeat (we called it baby dot because at 6 weeks you cannot see a gender and he/she was just a sweet little dot on the ultrasound photo) and on Monday September 4, 2006, I went to the bathroom only to find I was covered in blood. The baby’s heartbeat was gone by the time we got to the ER. I gave up. I could do nothing but cry.

I felt like God was punishing me and I would never again be a mom and bring home a baby in my arms. Some days I thought God was punishing my husband for his wrongdoings and I blamed my husband for all of it. Some days I blamed the doctors for not being able to save my children. Other days I just cried out of complete heartache and pain.

Hunter at two weeks old | www.SlenderSuzie.comThen Thanksgiving came and I started to feel like I was coming down with the flu. Well it was NOT the flu – God blessed us with another pregnancy. To say I had complications would be an understatement. After a what was the longest hardest most emotional pregnancy on the planet, Hunter came into the world at 6 weeks premature in July 2007 – spending two very long weeks in NICU. He is our miracle baby – our gift from God.

Long story short from 2005 through 2007 I was emotionally on the biggest roller coaster you can imagine, I was grieving the loss of my son and then another pregnancy loss. I was a nervous wreck that my baby Hunter would also pass away during my pregnancy with him or have something go wrong in NICU. After he was born I went into hypervigilance mode – I stayed in the NICU with him 24/7 until he came home.  I had already left a hospital once with no child in my arms and I refused to leave without him – not even to go outside for air. I only left his side long enough to go eat and even then it was very fast trips to the hospital cafeteria.

I was blaming myself for not being a better support to my daughter through the loss of her brother. I had emotional issues over the losses and the separations from my husband. Medically speaking I had gone through a total of 2 c-sections, 1 vaginal birth, 1 D&C, 1 six week miscarry, weekly injections in my butt cheeks to carry Hunter plus steroid injections, 1 surgery for a cerclage, 1 Hysterosalpingogram, 6 months of various other tests, weekly “internal” ultrasounds with Hunter, several epidurals, 4 months of strict bedrest.

ELove of My Life and Our Wedding Day | www.SlenderSuzie.commotionally I was still struggling with my new “normal”. No one could understand what I was going through inside my head and heart.

In February 2008, I discovered my husband was being unfaithful to me. We went through counseling and ended up moving hundreds of miles away from our hometown in Northeast Pennsylvania to the Carolinas to try to make a fresh start – the only way at the time that we felt we could even try to salvage our marriage. Then…  enter the world of NASCAR.

NASCAR life it turned out was not helping our family. My husband traveled all of the time and we barely saw each other from February to November each year. Many people think its a glamorous lifestyle but in reality (unless you are a Sprint Cup driver and you and your family get flown to every race and back) its a very difficult life for a family with a young child to never have daddy at home. I felt like a single mother with a wedding ring and we argued a LOT about finances, schedules, and many other things that were happening.

NASCAR life brings a lot of questions to a couple as to infidelity while they guys travel – which for us having already been through that situation it was more than I could bear. I would see texts, find photos of girls sitting o his lap on social media – I even had argument with one woman on Facebook over their relationship.

There were times we separated for a few weeks because it was just too much. I felt like the love of my life was no longer attracted to me because of my body and that was why these women had his cell phone number.

I sunk deeper into my depression.

Nascar Life Bristol 2011Our family finances were a mess – we even had times where we sold off furniture to make ends meet. We argued a LOT over money and about how much my husband was away during his time working in NASCAR and what he was doing while he traveled. We were broke, I was a mess physically and emotionally and our marriage was shaky at best.

To add to my hurt, my grandmother passed away on February 1, 2010, after a long battle with cancer. She and my grandfather raised me and I felt like I lost even more of my world.  My only comfort was that she was with Austin, caring for him until I meet them again. But my world had a huge void in it that no one else could fill.

Financially my family was  on the brink of ruin and marriage wise we were coming to the end of our rope.

Then it happened – in April 2013 I ended up in the Emergency Room with stroke symptoms.  It was not a stroke. It was a result of my weight.

As for my weight I topped the charts at 187 pounds and I tried every product you can think of in the last several years and ALL have failed me – you name it I tried it and all I got was fatter! In the Spring of 2012 I got desperate and hired a personal trainer. I was in the gym one hour per day, 5 days per week. I kept food logs and ate right. A month passed with no success – not a pound or an inch lost! I went to my primary care doctor and had tests done and they all came back normal (well except I had bad cholesterol – umm no kidding doc I AM FAT!). She gave me a prescription that was supposed to force my thyroid to become overactive and cause me to lose 2 pounds per week. Four months later I had lost nothing. I was obese, had daily migraines, was exhausted and napping every day by noon, had heartburn every night. I popped Tylenol and Tums like they were candy. I was a mess.

Fast Forward to today…

100605I became connected with Amare. I also continued my education and became a Certified Ketogenic Living Coach

I am still a work in progress but I can say I have not had one single migraine… I no longer take naps and feel tired, I have no heartburn or reflux. I am a full time stay-at-home-mom and entrepreneur.

I started my business like most people—with the thoughts of if I make a few extra bucks then great and if not at least I get a discount on my products. I began sharing as I lost weight and got healthy and people began to join me. To my surprise, I surpassed the income from my former direct sales companies COMBINED!

My journey is still continuing but now I am writing my own ending!!! I not longer let depression, foods and life interfere with my family, my weight or my health!  I am overcoming obesity and depression and while I will always live with my PTSD and Hypervigilence I can now manage them so they don’t take over my world.  I am now in control of my life!

My husband retired from NASCAR to help save our family and put an end to our turmoil as husband an wife once and for all. We still have our moments, as do all couples, but we are much stronger than we have been in the past. We still have issues to work through from everything but we are doing out best, one day at a time.

I feel that our finances, our marriage and my health were saved by allowing my heart to take that one more step of faith. Our marriage is stronger than ever, our bills are paid in full and our children are thriving from the new found happiness and financial freedom in our family and…  I LOVE MYSELF AGAIN (which makes it easier for others to love me too).

I now find the positives and run with them. There is no rewind, fast forward or pause buttons in life….just play. You decide what kind of day you want to have…. I no longer let my circumstances OWN me, I’ve decided to own them!

The best part? Today I am able to influence thousands of lives – in both health and wealth. I am living proof that anyone can change their family’s future and live the life of their dreams.

I rescue people from desperate lives.
I give hope to the hopeless. I motivate and inspire!

Let’s take this journey together. You don’t have to do it alone, I am here to help – I love nothing more than working with people 1:1 and coaching them to true and lasting success.

God bless!