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My Contact Joined Someone Else - Direct Sales Business Tips with Slender Suzie

It happens to the best of the best.  You cultivate a relationship with someone in the hopes that they will become a customer or a team member with your direct sales company.  Or maybe they are already a customer and you want them to join the team because you know how much they love your product line.

Then you see it.  You open up your Facebook and there they are – posting how excited they are to join a competitor company, or worse yet your same company under a different rep! ARGH!

Here is what I have to say to that:

Some will, some won’t, so what, next!

Just keep on sharing, posting how happy you and your customers are, the amazing differences of you products line and opportunity, and get new customers and new leads.

Here is a mental image for you.  Let’s take the analogy of owing a Subway
sandwich shop and someone comes in and they say ‘no thanks’ when you ask if they want olives on their sandwich. How about one day while at your Subway shop you then see someone going next door to the Chinese restaurant for lunch instead of coming into your Subway. Are you going to be upset all day, close up your shop for good? No way! It should just make you more determined to have people say ‘hey, what’s going on in there – let’s go there’.

Just keep asking.  Keep letting everyone know what you really do, really ask someone and let them know what your products and opportunity have to offer and that you would love to have them on your team. They ask them “would you like to hear more”.  Many time we assume people will just ask – WRONG – they won’t.

Build a relationship first but always make the effort to actually say “would you like to….” because in the end if you do not offer the chances are you are missing out on a lot of customers and team members.