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Opportunity is Never Lost It Simply Moves On to Someone Else if You Don't Seize It - Slender Suzie Quotes

So it is Monday again.  When most people think of Monday they think its the start of something new.  For some a new work, for some maybe Monday is the date they start to start on a new goal.

For me, this Monday in particular, In find myself in deep thought when it comes to my business.

I find myself looking at a potential new path (and NO I am not leaving my current Direct Sales company before anyone gets that rumor going).

This is more of an extension of my current business – so I guess not really a new path but one that I realized has been unfolding for me over some time now. That small voice in me that said I can take my business to this next level also comes with another voice that say “what if it fails” or “what if its not successful”.

This is where I still struggle.  The voice of failure inside that makes me afraid to take risks. The one that tells me maybe I won’t be good enough.

I have invested quite a bit of money over the last year in doing business trainings.  Trainings I bought from some very well known “experts” in the field of network marketing and/or social media. But now matter how many of them I bought and watched and took notes on I realized two things:

  1. They would never truly tell you the exact process HOW to do what they were saying to do.  In the end you just get left with more questions that they are too busy to actually answer. They got too big and now the only thing they do have time to do it pitch you their products – some costing $1000 to $2,000 or more to get.  They tell you ask their support staff but in the end you never get the training you thought you were paying for and no help is to be found.
  2. You take their training videos or buy their books only to go back and look at what they are doing online and quickly realize they are NOT doing what they are preaching. For example one of them says “post 10 times per day on Facebook once per hour every day” yet you look at her Facebook and that is NOT what she is doing. Or they say “never post about your personal life” and you look only too see them posting photos of their dog and kids every day. Hmmmm…..

So today I realize that this little nagging voice inside of me that says I can do better than that and charge less so I can help more people needs to become a reality.

You see the other things I have experienced in my time in Network Marketing is this: there are a lot of potentially amazing network marketers out there who just simply need training but they cannot go to the ‘experts’ because they are in fact new to the business and do not have $2,000 to drop on a training (let alone if they DO drop that cash then realize the training never actually taught then the step by step process they may need, especially if technology is new to them).

This is where my voice say – teach them, step by step, leave nothing out – show them how to do it themselves vs paying for outsourcing or buying all sorts of expensive monthly billed products they really do not NEED to have.  Show them how to get the same results in their little to no budget so they can get to the point where they now DO have the money they need in the bank to get bigger.

As I sit here today I know I must overcome that voice of “what if you fail” because there are so many out there who need what I want to offer them.

I need to get past my own self doubts and get this out there.

Have you experienced this in your business? Feeling like you never really get the trainings you paid for? Feeling like the person training you is not actually practicing what they preach? Do you feel like you have things to offer the world but you have a voice inside you that makes you doubt your own ability?

It is time for me – and you – to kick that fear in the face.  We need to take the opportunities that present themselves and seize them!  Changing your body, growing your business – whatever that voice is in you – you need to listen to it. Self doubt is a tough thing to overcome but this is one area of life that you ether seize the opportunity or watch your life pass you by and wonder “what if”.

Its Monday I Have My Coffee - quote by Slender Suzie