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Meal Prep Made Easy with Slender SuzieDo you meal prep?

Many times I hear how hard it is to do meal prep – myself includes have issues with storage once I actually do the prep work then remembering what containers go with what containers each day. But I love just getting it all done on Sunday afternoon so the rest of y week I am free as a bird to do other stuff while still eating my healthy meal plan I am currently following.

So now on Sundays we cook a TON of food (chicken, shrimp, veggies, potatoes) and I put it in these containers (found them on Amazon), stacked nicely in order of days that we need them.  I then have my 21 Day Fix portions set out for me for the upcoming week which means I am more easily able to stick to my plan because its easier to “grab and go” then try to come up with meals then prepare them (especially with my busy mommy life!).

They’re working AWESOME!! (plus ready to go meals tend to ward off the let’s go grab a pizza conversations my husband always enjoys throwing out there at me – ahhh some day he will no longer be tempted…)