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Did you know that digestion begins in your mouth with chewing your food properly? Most people chew each mouthful only 5-10 times resulting in food that isn’t broken down enough. For your body to absorb nutrients and break down enzymes in the food you eat, your mouthful of food should become liquid before it is swallowed.

It is recommended that you chew every mouthful of food a minimum of 20-30 times before swallowing so it becomes liquid and therefor easier to digest. By doing so your body will be able to maximize the nutritional benefits to support your digestive system, get healthier and maybe even lose some weight along the way!

It’s important to remember that when eating, try to avoid distractions such as watching TV, playing a game, answering emails or reading the newspaper so that you can sit and really focus on chewing your food.

Your gut will love you for it!