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Know the Rules of Facebook or Risk Losing Your Account by Slender Suzie

KNOW THE RULES to save yourself a lot of heartache on social media.

My first recommendation is to stop looking at Facebook with a “monkey see monkey do” approach. Just because everyone else appears to be doing it doesn’t necessarily make it worth doing nor does it make it allowed to be done.

Each platform – be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc all have a Terms of Service. You should really go and read EVERY ONE as thoroughly as possible to protect your acct.

Two of the biggest rules I see broken on a regular basis on Facebook are:

4.2 You will not create more than one personal account.

4.4 You will not use your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial gain, and will use a Facebook Page for such purposes.

Do NOT create multiple Facebook personal profiles. Best practice (not to mention FB policy) is that you use a business page for posting about what you have to offer.

My recommendation is 9 personal posts to 1 business on your Facebook profile (timeline). And 9 business posts to 1 semi-personal or off-topic on your fan page – this does not mean “sell sell sell” this means related to what it is that you DO. No one wants to just be sold to 24/7.

Things like naming yourself “Jane TruVision Jones” or rapid posting to hundreds of groups to sell your stuff or only posting business on your personal Facebook profile, sending unsolicited PMs to people, or adding everyone on your list to a group they did not ask to join…. any or all of those can get you in hot water.

Your real name is not TruVision or whatever company you represent, so do not post that as your name on your personal Facebook profile as your name.

I highly recommend the first thing you do READ the Terms of Service on Facebook… because if they flag you saying you “did not know” will not work… once your blocked your blocked.  I see a LOT of people regularly upset they are blocked from sending private messages or posting in groups – or worse yet their pages get shut down. This is there you NEED to be educated on how to properly use each social media outlet and what is or is not allowed to be done.

Spending a few minuted learning your social media rules can save you a lot of heartache down the line.