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Are you preparing to start your first ever Keto Reboot? Have you done the Keto Reboot before? As we get closer to Sunday and evening and day one of the reboot I wanted to share my top Reboot Tips with all of you. Even if you have done Reboot in the past these are still great tips for you to know as well.

Here are my top 10 Keto Reboot Tips:

1. Starting hydrating DAYS BEFORE the reboot actually starts! This reboot tip will make a huge difference in how you’re feeling throughout the 60 hours.  Drink tons of water before, during and after. I didn’t drink enough water and day 2 and felt awful the next morning. Once I rehydrated I felt 100% better.
2. Stay BUSY! It makes you think about food less- remember your body is SO capable it’s your mind you have to trick.
3. Realize that not only is EVERY persons journey on this different – EVERY TIME you reboot is different as well – embrace the process!
4. Push through the notion that you have to eat because it’s time. You will get hungry, but the benefits you get from pushing through any hunger feelings you may encounter, are unfathomable. YOU are in control, and I am here to support you.
5. Avoid going on a bender before hand – know that it’s mostly mental and you CAN do it – gets easier every time.
6. Don’t eat crappy before the Reboot to “get one last fun meal in” – it will only make it harder.
7. If you can, meal prep ahead of time or have someone else prepare food for your family members that aren’t rebooting.  THIS IS A LIFE SAVER!
8. No expectations – be open to all your feelings and journal your experience.
9. I like making “smoothies”/“slushee” (call it what you will) out of the salted caramel broth and a MAX serving or two or three. Just water and a ton of ice.  It allows you to “eat” your ketones with a spoon as opposed to drinking it. So…it tricks your brain. And, bonus, it tastes so good that way!
10. Don’t overthink this. It’s easier than you think

Crush your Keto Reboot!

Not really advice but encouragement: YOU CAN DO IT!! Listen to your body, you’re not hungry when you think you are….you’re just used to eating for other reasons (boredom, traveling, social life, emotions, the clock says so, etc.)
The first day is the hardest, but once noon hits and you drink that broth things seem manageable. You start to realize how connected you are to food. Stay positive. And know you CAN get thru it. You may not lose weight during it – your body will try to hold on to the fat, but eventually you will have a “whoosh”.
Even though it is not listed in the Reboot Tips above – this is important! On day 2, DO NOT TRUST A FART. I can not stress this enough. I told someone this last month and they didn’t believe me but then ended up pooping themselves. You will poop. And it’ll be like water. I’m just saying.
Also, don’t plan your “first meal” after the reboot. That way you aren’t anticipating it for the whole 60 hours and driving yourself crazy that you ‘can’t eat yet’. Instead, enjoy every aspect of the reboot and tune into when you are actually hungry.
And finally, find an accountability partner! It’s so much easier if you have someone to text (I give my cell number to anyone who does reboot with me for that exact reason – so make sure you are on my Keto Reboot VIP List and a member of my Keto Facebook Group).
Do you have any other tips for someone doing Keto Reboot?  Share them below.

My name is Sue and I am a Certified Ketogenic Living Coach and the founder of Slender Suzie. I teach people how to quickly turn their bodies into fat burners instead of sugar burners.  I choose to be a Ketogenic Lifestyle Expert because I want to be the change and help others take back control of their health and happiness and Pursue Better!