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More often than not as a parent of a ketogenic or low-carb kid you will run into people who have a lot of misinformation about how this way of life can benefit children. “My son/daughter is a low-carb kid, not a NO carb kid” is often the response to those people.

Today I wanted to provide parents who struggle with these discussion. I want to  provide some additional information to help them deal with those who spout off misinformation. This can help you with an educated response to the naysayers.

Misinformation on Keto / Low Carb Kids Diet’s

While this is currently an unpopular opinion, the fact of the matter is that ketogenic diets are perfectly safe for healthy humans of any age. The debate really isn’t about whether it’s safe, the debate is about if it’s ideal. Personally I think it is.

There’s a lot of talk about the childhood obesity epidemic. Yet people are quick to judge parents who are taking the necessary steps to get their children to a healthy weight. Make sure they are aware that you emphasize lower carbs from nutrient dense sources. Share your experience with them of how your child loves the new recipes and how they really enjoy the ketogenic way of life.

The history of kids and ketosis

Originally, the ketogenic diet was not a weight-loss plan. It was developed in the 1920s, after researchers discovered that children with epilepsy found remission from seizures when placed on a very-low-carbohydrate diet. The ketogenic diet is still used for seizure control in children. Up until the last few years, this was the only major application for the diet.  This type of therapeutic ketogenic diet can be very successful in treating seizure disorders when other medical management has failed.

What is another benefit of this lifestyle of kids?

I think people are forgetting that there are a lot of health benefits to keto. Some of which have nothing to do with weight regulation. The human body flourishes on keto, and not just the adult body. Give a body balanced nutrition and minimize the things it doesn’t need, and it will excel.

The biggest misinformation out there is that kids need plant carbs. Getting more specific, plant carbs are completely unnecessary; humans don’t need them at any stage of development. On the other hand animal fat and protein are the best things to feed to a growing body and brain. But here’s where the problem comes in. If you give them lots of animal fat but you don’t limit their carb intake, you’ll be setting them up for lots of nasty things like obesity and cardiovascular disease.

So, what if they still don’t agree?

So, what do you do, after you have explained your point of view? What if the person is simply against your chosen path due to such misinformation. In that case, it is best to just tell them that you are the parent and in the end you are doing what you feel is best. Do not feel as if you need to justify your decisions as a parent to anyone! Yes we would love for people to understand, but if they do not it simply is not worth the effort to try to explain things to the naysayers.

Getting Support as a Keto Parent

This is one reason I began the free Keto Kids Facebook Group.  I wanted to provide other parents like myself with a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE and to support other parents. All parents are welcome, whether they are just cleaning up their child’s eating habits, have been following low carb or are full ketogenic.

After all, as parents our jobs are hard enough without being told we are doing it wrong!

Have you had any conversations come up about your keto / low-carb kid? Share below what obstacles you face when telling others your child follows this way of eating and how you handle them.

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