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Today I received a message from a customer of mine (and I am doing with article after asking her permission to share our conversation).  She messaged me and said:

Hey Sue. So I’m on day 3. The first 2 days I lost 2 lbs. Then this morning gained 1lb. Back? Is that normal? Thanks.

So, as always we of course discussed water intake, what foods are being consumed but we also discussed a very important and often overlooked aspect of weight loss – THE SCALE.

Your scale is waging a mental war on you and you are letting it win. When you step on the scale every single day you are allowing the number on that scale to dictate to your your progress and your self confidence about your journey. Here is what I mean by that:

She states that she weighed in every day for 3 days.  Going down 2 pounds, then up 1 pound.  Which means in 3 days time she LOST a total of 1 pound. Over the course of 30 days times using that exact same up/down fluctuation she would have gone down 20 pounds and up 10 pounds – which means that had she only stepped on the scale on day 30 she would have seen she lost a total of 10 pounds in one month!  TEN POUNDS!!!

Weight Loss Math - Slender Suzie Health and Weight Loss Coach - Plexus Independent Ambassador

If you ever only see the “up days” you will never notice the how much you are going down!

Most people continue to jump on that scale every single day and because they then see those fluctuations they get discouraged and quit.  GET OFF THE STINKIN SCALE ALREADY!

The first question people ask me when wanting to get started on the Ketogenic Diet is “how much have you lost” and they are always shocked when I say I only weigh in once per month. I am trying to set the example that the scale should NEVER be your daily definition of success on this journey.  You will, without a doubt, have days that your weight will go up.  Its a fact. You cannot change that.  What you can change is how you measure success – and the scale is not the way to go here.

Weight in once per month. Log how many inches you are losing and how much better your clothes fit. Notice your energy levels during the day and how much better you sleep at night. Pay attention to other things that may be not as often or have gone away totally like headaches and fatigue and body aches.

But please, for your own sanity – get away from that scale!