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I hear this WAY too much from other ladies when speaking with them….

I don’t have time

This one really bugs me. We all have the same 24 hours. We all have “busy lives”. You make time for what’s important!

I am a wife to a husband to travels for weeks at a time as well helping him run a hunting lodge, mother of a son who is in a lot of activities and a daughter in college, we have two dogs. I cook at our hunting lodge and do all the shopping for the lodge and oversee kitchen and housekeeping staff. At home I prepare meals, do laundry, clean the house, care for the dogs, take out the trash, help with homework, you name it. I learned to coach, do the mom and housewife thing and still manage to take care of myself and build a successful business.

I had to overcome excuses and find time. It’s about making it a priority. It’s about making ME a priority.

I still struggle with depression/anxiety/ptsd symptoms ever since our son Austin died. So yes there are times I just feel like laying in bed all day under the covers. I don’t feel like work or eating right all of the time – but I do it anyway.

After all of my struggles for those few years after our son’s death and some issues in my marriage and losing my grandmother to cancer… well, I had (have) plenty of excuses but those excuses are the same ones that allowed me to pack on the pounds in the first place.

I get up early almost every day and some days that means getting right to being busy. I get in a workout most days – even if it means taking a walk. I meal prep 2x a week when cooking dinner (I just made extra and chopped fruits and veggies and got snacks ready for a few days at a time). I keep a packet of my protein drink in my purse so if we are at a sports practice or game or on the go and I get hungry I can grab that add it to my water and drink up instead of getting junk food. I read personal development each morning while I have my coffee and the house is quiet.

I know that no matter how busy I get I have to do this every single day. For myself. For my family that needs me to be healthy and live a long and happy life. If I keep doing what I had been doing nothing will ever change. So I MAKE THE TIME.

Am I at the ideal weight yet? NOPE! But I work on myself every single day – no excuses. I work on my business every single day – no excuses.

So tell me again, why it is you don’t have time to make yourself a priority?